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The Wednesday Politics Thread Did Some Self-Care

I took a self-care afternoon yesterday , so I am hoping that when this post goes live today I am feeling refreshed and energized. And I hope you are also feeling refreshed and energized as well. If you are able, taking some time to focus on yourself and your wellness can make a huge difference. Let’s see what kinda stuff was happening on Februarys 15th in PT and Avocado past:

2022: Giuliani agreed to cooperate with the January 6th committee. Canada took steps to regulate crowdfunding and crypto. Gun manufacturer Remington settled a liability lawsuit with the families of Sandy Hook victims. 
Elsewhere on The Avocado: HP shared about Big Mama Thornton. Idiot Proof Recipes. Crate Skimmers on Caroline Rose’s Loner. Comic Book Review of Taskmaster: The Rubicon Trigger.

2021: We ranked presidents. Aunt Jemima renamed its brand, sparking outrage from the usual suspects. Texas was reeling from its winter storm.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: HP shared Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation. Nominations for the Worst Vegetable tournament. Avocado JAMS! Thread. Guy Talk began discussing bell hooks’ The Will to Change

2020: A conversation about Buttigieg and the criticism that he’s not “gay enough.” US men’s soccer team advocated for paying the women’s team more. Continuing conversation, hope, and anxiety over the Democratic primary. Ctrl+F “coronavirus” 6 results found, but not much treating it as a threat yet – one poster asked what effect it might have on the election, but no one was really prepared for what it would become.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: Spoiler Space for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Best Video Game Song Tournament, 1990-1995 entered its top 64.

2019: Amazon pays no income taxes. The government shutdown saga finally ended. Colin Kaepnernick and the NFL reached a settlement in regards to collusion.
Elsewhere on The Avocado: The first ever Theme Park Thread. Reviews for The Kid Who Would be King and Reign of the Supermen.

2018: Heavy content warning, as this was the day after the Parkland shooting. Most of the discussion centered around that topic. 
Elsewhere on The Avocado: Spoil Sports on Black Panther, along with a review. The Winter Olympics. Ask-a-Chinese, with information on the Chinese New Year. Collecting Thread. Made Overseas shares the crazy story behind the making of Pulgasari.  

Be kind and thoughtful today. Cheers.