The Thursday Politics Thread Has Not Received A Permanent Security Clearance

As the US must once again mourn the loss of young life in the face of our tragic embrace of firearms, its hard to keep a sense of where our country is going. There’s so much going wrong that its hard to concentrate on any one thing for more than a few news cycles. There were two mass shootings yesterday. One at a high school in Parkland Florida and one at the NSA complex in Maryland. There have been 18 so far just this year.

It. Is. February.

We here at the Avocado are deeply heartbroken for those who must endure this pain and the trauma that will come with it in the future. And we will continue to feel furious anger and outrage when (not if) it happens again. Going forward, I think we must take action and any politician who can’t stand up what is right and decent and stare down the NRA should be replaced with someone who can.

The President, the man whom said that he alone could fix this country, has put a ‘lid’ on this and will not speak publicly regarding it at this time.

For anyone wishing to discuss the tragedy in greater detail WolfmanJew set up a thread for it last night.

Thread for Discussing the Events in Parkland, February 28, 2017

In other news, 130 of the Trump Administration’s White House officials have been working on interim security clearances until at least late last year. 130. Some of them, like Ivanka and Jared, have had access to some of the most sensitive documents in our government. And given Jared’s continuous updates of his security clearance application, it seems unlikely he will.

Preet Bharara mentioned in a tweet that all of Mueller’s team has permanent security clearance, apropos of nothing.

Welcome to Thursday, everyone. Please be excellent to each other. And, as cowardly, loathsome and ineffectual as he is, the Mayor McSquirrel rule is in effect. No wishing harm or death upon any public figures no matter how much they may deserve to be pilloried.

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