New TV Trailer for Incredibles 2 Promises Action, Parenting Woes

During the Olympic Games tonight on NBC, Disney premiered a new TV trailer for Incredibles 2 (now without its “The” for some reason), and though fans had to wait a long time for it to finally air, it did deliver on what it promised.

As we heard from a previously released plot summary, the sequel will see Helen/Elastagirl being recruited by a team of capitalists in order to attempt to make being a superhero legal again. This leaves Bob/Mr. Incredible doing something much harder for him than stopping a building from collapsing: taking care of the kids by himself. The preview offers plenty of action, as one would expect, but also has the razor sharp wit of the original, in which the daily drama of domestic life proved to be just as important as saving the world.

Incredibles 2 opens everywhere June 15th.