Writers’ Guac – Recipe Blog

Welcome to the biweekly round of Writers’ Guac. Here was the prompt for submissions:

Write the intro to a recipe blog post (recipe optional)

Post your submissions below. A brief reminder of the rules:

  • Limit of 2 submissions per person.
  • Constructive criticism is opt-in. Specify in your post if you would welcome constructive criticism. Do not offer criticism if not requested.

Here is the prompt for the next round’s submissions (Open at 2 PM Eastern on June 18):

Write a joke with a terrific/terrible pun for a punchline. Can be as short or as long as you want.

Have fun, everyone! And also check out the previous biweekly installment (Villain Origin) and the previous monthly installment (Swallow the Pill) posted today as well.

If you have other writing to share with The Avocado, or want to see others’ work, be sure to check out the Creative Endeavors thread, posted each Tuesday at 9 AM Eastern.