Wereweasel 83: Toontown Terror, Day 6


(LINDA and BOB BELCHER are asleep. LINDA bolts awake, gasping.)

LINDA: Bob! Bobby! Bob! Bob! Wake up!

BOB (groggy): What … wait … what’s happening …

LINDA: I got it!

BOB: You got what … wait what time is it …

LINDA: I just had a dream! I know who the monster is!

BOB: Monster? What monster? Where am I?

LINDA: Now I know what we have to do! Listen, Bob, listen, it’s …

(Glass shatters as something large and snarling leaps through the window. BOB and LINDA scream as the creature tears them to mangled shreds and eats them.)

SNUGGLEWUMPS (Linda Belcher) has died. She was a TOONTOWN TOON (Vanilla Town).


(Elsa and Anna walk the street, coming out of the candy shop. Anna is holding another Giant Chocolate Cup)

[STUDIO NOTE: Good call in adding more of the Chocolate Cup, the Marketing guys have been hounding us about it]

ANNA: Isn’t it strange that we survived this long, Elsa?

ELSA: Why do you ask that? It’s a good thing, right?

ANNA: Oh, yes, yes it is. I mean because, well, you have your magic. And I’m a detective. You’d think the weasels would try to kill us by now.

ELSA: Maybe they don’t want to kill us?


(We are back in the den where the weasels conspired earlier, in SCENE TWO.

GREASY WEASEL: I want to kill them.

WHEEZY WEASEL: Solo son dos princesas, jefe. No nos pueden hacer nada.

GREASY WEASEL: It’s not about that. Have you heard that fucking song? I want to kill them.

[STUDIO NOTE: You got your only “fuck” in the other scene, remove this one.]

WHEEZY WEASEL: Tengo una sobrina, jefe. Oi esa cancion un millon de veces. Libre soy! Libre soy!

[STUDIO NOTE: Do you think you have room here to cut to Elsa, or a TV with another rendition of the song? It’s only two minutes, three minutes tops. Would really help with the  4-to-10 girl demographic.]

(Greasy Weasel grabs Wheezy Weasel by the neck, which stretches a long way up. Wheezy’s eyes pop out almost entirely out of his orbits)

GREASY WEASEL: Shut. Up. And come. We’re going to make them pay.


(Elsa and Anna bend a corner and are about to reach the hotel. Anna is still drinking from the Chocolate Cup)

ANNA: That reminds me, they were asking for something called “vote analysis” for tomorrow.

(Elsa groans)

ANNA: What? What is it?

ELSA: I hate that. It’s when you try to see who’s bad from what everyone voted, hoping to find a pattern.

ANNA: Well, we have to find the weasels, right? How else would we do that?

ELSA: If I knew that, Anna, we wouldn’t still be here.

(The two weasels come out of the building next to the hotel, and stand in the middle of the sidewalk, in front of the sisters. They brandish their dip guns)

GREASY WEASEL: That can be arranged.

ELSA: Oh, for…

(The Weasels fire on the sisters, and Elsa jumps next to Anna and forms an ice wall in front of them. The wall barely stops the acidic streams from reaching them. Anna throws her Chocolate Cup to the weasels, and her and Elsa run a corner, into an alley. The Cup hits Wheezy squarely in the head. Greasy gives chase to the sisters)



ANNA: Look at the bright side! We found the weasels!

ELSA: Annaaaa!

ANNA: Sorry!

(The pitch-black silhouette of the weasels appears at the other end of the alley as Anna and Elsa run almost to the wall in the end. Elsa waves her hand and a giant wall of ice sprouts in front of her and Anna.)

ELSA: Stay away!

ANNA: Or else!

(Greasy and Wheezy fire their guns on the wall, which starts melting into a transparent goo.)

GREASY WEASEL: This is for that song!

WHEEZY WEASEL: Por la canción, pendejas!

(Behind the wall of ice, Elsa is struggling to maintain it whole. Anna grabs her arm.)

ANNA: Hold on, Elsa, I’ll find a way out of here! Wait. Did they say it was for the song?

ELSA: Anna! Focus!

ANNA: No, no, they’re not trying to kill us because we want to find them! They want to kill us because they hate your song!

ELSA: I fail to see how that helps us get out of this.

(The weasels start spraying dip all over the ice wall, melting it faster.)

ANNA: When I tell you, drop the wall and make us jump through this wall on the back. They won’t follow us.

(Anna takes something from Elsa’s pocket and walks up to the wall. She starts touching the item, a smartphone. The phone starts playing a song)

PHONE: The snow glows white on the mountain tonight…

ANNA: Sing, Elsa, sing!

(Anna and Elsa start singing along with the phone. The weasels on the other side can’t stand the noise.)


(Wheezy jumps to the wall and starts to try to tear it down with his own hands, but backs out at the last moment when noticing the dip goop still coating all the wall, and the splash of Greasy’s gun)

WHEEZY WEASEL: Jefe detengase! Stop it! Me quema!

(Greasy rips the fluid tank from his gun and throws it against the ice wall, making a large hole, dripping transparent goo. There’s nobody on the other side. Greasy growls from anger.)

WHEEZY WEASEL: Esperemos que nadie piense que las dejamos ir, no jefe? That we let them go?

(Greasy kicks Wheezy through the hole in the wall, perilously close to the acidic edges)


(Elsa and Anna jump into a taxi, panting)

ANNA: We escaped.

ELSA: Thank heavens.

ANNA: Did your song just save us?

ELSA: I’m as surprised as you are, Anna.

(Anna starts laughing)

ELSA: What? What’s so funny?

ANNA: Don’t you see it, Elsa? They let us go!

(Elsa chuckles, falls on her sister’s shoulder.)

ELSA: We’re never coming back here.

ANNA: Nope!

QUEEN LIGHT (Anna and Elsa) has escaped. She was a TOONTOWN TOON (Vanilla Town).

[STUDIO NOTE: Trim this down a few pages. Good call on not killing them, Disney would have sued us and we would lose the 8-to-10 girl demographic, but this is too long and has too much dialogue. You’re not writing fan-fiction here.]

(Many thanks to Queen Light for providing this guest write-up!)

[spoiler title=Roles]


The Toontown faction wins the game when all weasels are dead and ???‘s secret identity has been revealed.

  • 2 Vanilla Town: No night actions.
  • 1 Investigator: Must investigate the faction of one player as a night action.
  • 1 Jailer: Must choose another player to put in jail, protecting their target from all other night actions. Cannot pick the same target on consecutive nights. The jailed player is unable to use their night action if they have one.
  • 1 Town Drunk: May choose to put themselves in jail as a night action, protecting them from all other night actions. A Town Drunk may only use their power ONCE during the game. and at that time, the Jailer will be informed of their identity. A Town Drunk’s action cannot be blocked. If the Jailer is killed by scum on the same night a Town Drunk is in jail, the Town Drunk is also killed, regardless of whether the Drunk self-jailed or was put there by the Jailer. The Town Drunks share a QT.


The Weasels faction wins the game when the number of weasel players equals the number of Toontown players and ???‘s secret identity has been revealed.

  • Smarty Weasel: Must block the night action of a non-weasel player. Cannot target the same person two nights in a row.
  • Psycho Weasel: Has access to a number of secret “Psycho Schemes”. Once per night, this weasel must choose a Scheme and a player to give this Scheme to. Any player is eligible to receive a Scheme, including weasels.
  • Wheezy Weasel: Inherits the unused Psycho Schemes if the Psycho Weasel is killed.
  • Greasy Weasel: If investigated, the result returns as “Toon”.


  • An evil monstrosity has been set free in Toontown. It is still hungry.


[spoiler title=Rules]

-You cannot edit any of your posts.

-No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

-All night actions are mandatory (except for one-shot actions such as the Town Drunk).

-If a day ends in a tie vote, a random player will be chosen from all living players and killed (weighted towards the tied players and those who didn’t vote that day).


[spoiler title=Players]

1.The Hayes Code // Prysma Starshimmer (PSYCHO WEASEL)
2.Hohopossum // Captain Cavepossum
3.sic humor // Goofy
4.Admirax // Cuphead (VANILLA TOWN)
5.Lindsay // Scooby Doo and Shaggy (INVESTIGATOR)
6.Mayelbridwen // Hattie the Heffalump (JAILER)
7.Doctor Nick // Doctor Nick (VANILLA TOWN)
8.April // Teen Girl Squad (SMARTY WEASEL)
9.Queen Light // Elsa and Anna (VANILLA TOWN)
10.Snugglewumps // Linda Belcher (VANILLA TOWN)
11.Colonel Mustard // Penfold (VANILLA TOWN)
12.MacCrocodile // Gertie the Dinosaur (TOWN DRUNK)
13.Jake // Geoff the Tree (again) (VANILLA TOWN)
14.Josephus Brown // Koko the Clown (VANILLA TOWN)
15.Lord Stoneheart // Kyle (GREASY WEASEL)
16.Grumproro // Lemongrab (WHEEZY WEASEL)
17.Lamb Dance // Pikachu (VANILLA TOWN)
18.Little Miss Giggle Fits // Dot Warner
19.DW // Peter B. Parker (VANILLA TOWN)
20.Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather // Yakko Warner (VANILLA TOWN)
21.Captain Video // Killjoy (TOWN DRUNK)


Louie Blue
Spiny Creature


[spoiler title=VanillaQT]

You are a TOONTOWN TOON (VANILLA TOWN). Your goal is to eliminate the Weasels and uncover the secret identity of ???. You win when your faction achieves its goal, even if you’re dead.

highly recommend choosing the “Get Email” option on this thread, because a lot is going to be happening at night in this game. Something might happen to you even though you have a vanilla role.

*Please reply to this QT to confirm that you’ve seen it.*


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Day Seven ends on Monday, 2/4 at 10:00AM PST (1:00 PM EST), or if a majority vote is reached first.