Wereweasel 83: Toontown Terror, Day 1


Toontown Terror Logo


(As we fade in, the camera is moving forward down a dark tunnel, as if it is on the front of a moving car. The tunnel bends, then straightens to reveal red velvet curtains covering the road ahead. As the camera approaches the end of the tunnel, the curtains open to reveal a happy cartoon sun shining down on dancing cartoon trees and flying cartoon birds.

The sun, trees, and birds begin singing happily.)

Smiiiiiile, darn ya, smiiiiiiiiile,
You know this whole world is a great world after alllllllll…

(The camera continues moving down the road. We see toons of all kinds passing by, waving and dancing and singing.

Eventually large buildings appear on the horizon. The camera reaches the outskirts of downtown Toontown.)

Downtown Toontown


(The streets of the city are teeming with chaos. Toons are dancing, hopping, flying, lurching, waddling, and somersaulting. Dogs are chasing cats, cats are chasing mice, and mice are chasing elephants. Pianos randomly fall from the sky, smashing toons who are able to wriggle free, unhurt.

The camera focuses on an old skyscraper, its walls cracked and neglected. Glued to the side of the building is a campaign poster: “JESSICA RABBIT FOR MAYOR!”

We pan up the side of the building quickly, dozens of windows flying past in a blur. We stop at a broken window, then the camera floats through it into a filthy room. Inside, we see four angry weasels.)


SMARTY WEASEL: That dame got a lotta noive!

GREASY WEASEL: Thinks she can outlaw weasels from Toontown and get away wit’ it? (Spits.)

WHEEZY WEASEL: ¿Qué vamos a hacer? What are we gonna do, eh boss?

PSYCHO WEASEL: Kill the mayor! Hee hee! Kill the mayor! Squish her, squash her, mash her into bits! Heeeeee!

SMARTY WEASEL: Yeah, we dis-terminate the broad, see?

GREASY WEASEL: With extreme prejudice. (Spits.)

WHEEZY WEASEL: ¿Como hacemos eso? How do we do that, eh boss?

SMARTY WEASEL: With … this!

(SMARTY WEASEL reaches into the pocket of his zoot suit. He pulls out what appears to be a colorful children’s toy in the shape of a pistol.)


WHEEZY WEASEL: ¿Que es eso?

PSYCHO WEASEL: It’s a … squirt gun!

SMARTY WEASEL: No, you morons. This is a little something the Judge was workin’ on. He called it a “portable toon dissolution delivery system.” I calls it … a DIP GUN!

(SMARTY WEASEL points the dip gun and pulls the trigger. A stream of yellow-green fluid shoots from the barrel, melting a massive hole in the cartoon wall. The weasels gasp.)

WHEEZY WEASEL: ¿Una pistola de inmersión? ¡Escalofriante!

SMARTY WEASEL: Yeah, that’s right. And I gots one for each of us!

(SMARTY WEASEL reaches back into his suit. He pulls out several more pistols and tosses them into the air. Each of the other weasels grab one. PSYCHO WEASEL catches one in his teeth.)

[STUDIO NOTE: It’s a bad idea to open a picture with the villains. Audiences don’t like it, you are introducing the primary conflict too soon. This scene is likely to be moved later in the film or cut.]

GREASY WEASEL: I can’t wait to grease a few punks with this!

WHEEZY WEASEL: ¡Adios pendejos!

PSYCHO WEASEL: Hmmmrrphh! Hmmrrrr rrrmmm … (spits out the dip gun, which clatters to the floor) Kill! Who do we kill first?

SMARTY WEASEL: Anyone. It don’t matter. But we make those Toontown rubes think it wasn’t a weasel that done it.

GREASY WEASEL: That’s right. I got disguises for all you ugly mugs!

(GREASY WEASEL reaches into his suit and pulls out a suitcase. He slams it to the floor and pops it open. The weasels all dive at case at once, and a cloud of activity forms around it, a flurry of limbs and clothes poking out from the chaos here and there. When the cloud dissipates, all of the WEASELS look like other toons.)

WHEEZY WEASEL: ¡Nos vemos diferentes!

GREASY WEASEL: Toontown’s gonna pay!

PSYCHO WEASEL: Heeee! Teee heeee heeeeeeeee!

SMARTY WEASEL: Let’s roll, boys. (Looks directly into the camera.) Time … for a dip!

(The disguised weasels bounce out of the room, but the camera does not follow them. The cacophony of their giggling fades.)

(The camera pans down. The dip gun PSYCHO WEASEL spit out and forgot to pick back up is laying on the floor.)

(Dramatic music swells, then CUT TO BLACK.)

[STUDIO NOTE: Where is Roger Rabbit? We should have our merchandise revenue generators in the picture from the get-go. Nobody is going to buy a Psycho Weasel Funko.]



The Toontown faction wins the game when all weasels are dead and ???‘s secret identity has been revealed.

  • Vanilla Town: No night actions.
  • Investigator: Must investigate the faction of one player as a night action.
  • Jailer: Must choose another player to put in jail, protecting their target from all other night actions. Cannot pick the same target on consecutive nights. The jailed player is unable to use their night action if they have one.
  • 2 Town Drunks: May choose to put themselves in jail as a night action, protecting them from all other night actions. A Town Drunk may only use their power ONCE during the game. and at that time, the Jailer will be informed of their identity. A Town Drunk’s action cannot be blocked. If the Jailer is killed by scum on the same night a Town Drunk is in jail, the Town Drunk is also killed, regardless of whether the Drunk self-jailed or was put there by the Jailer. The Town Drunks share a QT.


The Weasels faction wins the game when the number of weasel players equals the number of Toontown players and ???‘s secret identity has been revealed.

  • Smarty Weasel: Must block the night action of a non-weasel player. Cannot target the same person two nights in a row.
  • Psycho Weasel: Has access to a number of secret “Psycho Schemes”. Once per night, this weasel must choose a Scheme and a player to give this Scheme to. Any player is eligible to receive a Scheme, including weasels.
  • Wheezy Weasel: Inherits the unused Psycho Schemes if the Psycho Weasel is killed.
  • Greasy Weasel: If investigated, the result returns as “Toon”.


  • This player’s role is currently unknown.


-You cannot edit any of your posts.

-No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

-All night actions are mandatory (except for one-shot actions such as the Town Drunk).

-If a day ends in a tie vote, a random player will be chosen from all living players and killed (weighted towards the tied players and those who didn’t vote that day).


1.The Hayes Code // Prysma Starshimmer
2.Hohopossum // Captain Cavepossum
3.sic humor // Goofy
4.Admirax // Cuphead
5.Lindsay // Scooby Doo and Shaggy
6.Mayelbridwen // Hattie the Heffalump
7.Doctor Nick // Doctor Nick
8.April // Teen Girl Squad
9.Queen Light // Elsa and Anna
10.Snugglewumps // Linda Belcher
11.Colonel Mustard // Penfold
12.MacCrocodile // Gertie the Dinosaur
13.Jake // Geoff the Tree (again)
14.Josephus Brown // Koko the Clown
15.Lord Stoneheart // Kyle
16.Grumproro // Lemongrab
17.Lamb Dance // Pikachu
18.Little Miss Giggle Fits // Dot Warner
19.DW // Peter B. Parker
21.Captain Video // Killjoy


Louie Blue
Spiny Creature


You are a TOONTOWN TOON (VANILLA TOWN). Your goal is to eliminate the Weasels and uncover the secret identity of ???. You win when your faction achieves its goal, even if you’re dead.

highly recommend choosing the “Get Email” option on this thread, because a lot is going to be happening at night in this game. Something might happen to you even though you have a vanilla role.

*Please reply to this QT to confirm that you’ve seen it.*


Day One ends on Sunday, 1/27 at 12:00noon PST (3:00 PM EST), or if a majority vote is reached first.