Wereweasel 83: Toontown Terror, Day 4


(HATTIE THE HEFFALUMP sits behind the desk, twirling a set of keys on her trunk.

She splits into two different heffalumps. One of them wanders over to a jail cell, where an unseen prisoner is sleeping under a blanket.

The front door opens, and in stumbles a man in an Air Force uniform, a cigar in one hand and a half-full bottle of hooch in the other.)

KILLJOY:  Heyyyyya chums. (burps) Imma jus’ lookin’ for some dames. Oh, brudder. They can’t ressssist —

(KILLJOY collapses to the floor.

HATTIE sighs. She joins her two halves back together and picks up KILLJOY. She carries him towards an empty jail cell.)

KILLJOY: Thassssa good idea, ellgaphant-thingy. Imma jus’ gon’ take (yawns) a lil’ nappie wappie … put ’em on my tab …

(HATTIE gently lowers KILLJOY onto a cot, where he immediately starts drooling and snoring. She quietly shuts the cell door and locks it.)

(The front door is kicked open! Three WEASELS burst into the room.)

GREASY WEASEL: We ain’t never goin’ back in the joint!


PSYCHO WEASEL: Heeee! Teee heeee heeeeeeeee!

(GREASY WEASEL raises his dip gun. HATTIE presses her trunk to the barrel, but it’s no use — the explosive stream of fluid melts her in an instant.)

MAYELBRIDWEN (Hattie the Heffalump) has died. She was THE JAILER.

(WHEEZY WEASEL walks over to the cell where KILLJOY is sleeping.)

WHEEZY WEASEL: Buenas noches, flyboy.

(The weasel fires his dip gun through the bars.)

CAPTAIN VIDEO (Killjoy) has died. He was a TOWN DRUNK.

GREASY WEASEL: Psycho, take care of that other sleeping prisoner!

(PSYCHO WEASEL hops over to the other cell. PSYCHO struggles against the straight-jacket, then turns to GREASY and shrugs.)

GREASY WEASEL: Where the hell is your dip gun?!

PSYCHO WEASEL: Dropped it … somewhere! Teeeee heeee kill murder!

GREASY WEASEL: All right, forget it. We gotta scram!


(The weasels flee.)


(PSYCHO WEASEL enters the filthy flat, alone. She kicks the door closed.

She starts writhing until she shakes loose from her straight-jacket. She stretches her arms out, cracks her fingers, and sighs in relief.)

PSYCHO WEASEL (speaking clearly): So happy to get that thing off. Wearing that straight-jacket all day is worse than gaining and losing sixty pounds. My talents are wasted on those other two idiots. They will never appreciate my thespian acumen!

(She walks over to a pile of clothes in the corner. She puts on thigh-high crystalline rocket boots. She starts rummaging through the rest of the clothes, looking confused.)

PSYCHO WEASEL: Where is my Spectrablade?

(She hears a growling noise from behind her. She turns.

An unseen assailant holding Prysma’s Spectrablade cuts her in half with one stroke.)

HAYES (Prysma Starshimmer) has died. She was PSYCHO WEASEL.

(As the camera pulls back into the darkness, we hear the wet, sickening noise of something large and ravenous devouring the weasel’s corpse.)


(SCOOBY DOO and SHAGGY are hiding in some bushes, intently watching a house across the street.)

SCOOBY DOO: Rook, Raggy! Runrise!

SHAGGY: Hey man, you’re right. Well, we watched that house all night and I didn’t see anyone come or go, did you, Scoob?


SHAGGY: Cool, man. We can scratch another name off our list.

SCOOBY DOO: Ret’s go rome, Raggy.

SHAGGY: Yeah, we both need some “z”s, man.

(SCOOBY and SHAGGY walk into an alley. A shadowy figure follows them.

The figure raises its arm. It is holding the PSYCHO WEASEL’s lost dip gun. It fires. SHAGGY dissolves into a puddle of dip.)

SCOOBY DOO: Raggy, roooooo!

The figure fires again, dissolving the Great Dane.)

LINDSAY (Scooby Doo and Shaggy) has died. She was the INVESTIGATOR.

(The figure walks over and picks up Shaggy’s notebook full of crossed-off names.


[STUDIO NOTE: You’re allowed one “fuck” in a PG-13 movie. That’s the only one you’ll get.]

(The shadowy figure drops the dip gun and runs off.

The dip gun shatters on the ground, it is now completely useless.)



The Toontown faction wins the game when all weasels are dead and ???‘s secret identity has been revealed.

  • 8 Vanilla Town: No night actions.
  • 1 Investigator: Must investigate the faction of one player as a night action.
  • 1 Jailer: Must choose another player to put in jail, protecting their target from all other night actions. Cannot pick the same target on consecutive nights. The jailed player is unable to use their night action if they have one.
  • 2 1 Town Drunk: May choose to put themselves in jail as a night action, protecting them from all other night actions. A Town Drunk may only use their power ONCE during the game. and at that time, the Jailer will be informed of their identity. A Town Drunk’s action cannot be blocked. If the Jailer is killed by scum on the same night a Town Drunk is in jail, the Town Drunk is also killed, regardless of whether the Drunk self-jailed or was put there by the Jailer. The Town Drunks share a QT.


The Weasels faction wins the game when the number of weasel players equals the number of Toontown players and ???‘s secret identity has been revealed.

  • Smarty Weasel: Must block the night action of a non-weasel player. Cannot target the same person two nights in a row.
  • Psycho Weasel: Has access to a number of secret “Psycho Schemes”. Once per night, this weasel must choose a Scheme and a player to give this Scheme to. Any player is eligible to receive a Scheme, including weasels.
  • Wheezy Weasel: Inherits the unused Psycho Schemes if the Psycho Weasel is killed.
  • Greasy Weasel: If investigated, the result returns as “Toon”.


  • An evil monstrosity has been set free in Toontown. It is still hungry.


-You cannot edit any of your posts.

-No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

-All night actions are mandatory (except for one-shot actions such as the Town Drunk).

-If a day ends in a tie vote, a random player will be chosen from all living players and killed (weighted towards the tied players and those who didn’t vote that day).


1.The Hayes Code // Prysma Starshimmer (PSYCHO WEASEL)
2.Hohopossum // Captain Cavepossum
3.sic humor // Goofy
4.Admirax // Cuphead (VANILLA TOWN)
5.Lindsay // Scooby Doo and Shaggy (INVESTIGATOR)
6.Mayelbridwen // Hattie the Heffalump (JAILER)
7.Doctor Nick // Doctor Nick (VANILLA TOWN)
8.April // Teen Girl Squad (SMARTY WEASEL)
9.Queen Light // Elsa and Anna
10.Snugglewumps // Linda Belcher
11.Colonel Mustard // Penfold
12.MacCrocodile // Gertie the Dinosaur
13.Jake // Geoff the Tree (again)
14.Josephus Brown // Koko the Clown (VANILLA TOWN)
15.Lord Stoneheart // Kyle
16.Grumproro // Lemongrab
17.Lamb Dance // Pikachu (VANILLA TOWN)
18.Little Miss Giggle Fits // Dot Warner
19.DW // Peter B. Parker
20.Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather // Yakko Warner
21.Captain Video // Killjoy (TOWN DRUNK)


Louie Blue
Spiny Creature


You are a TOONTOWN TOON (VANILLA TOWN). Your goal is to eliminate the Weasels and uncover the secret identity of ???. You win when your faction achieves its goal, even if you’re dead.

highly recommend choosing the “Get Email” option on this thread, because a lot is going to be happening at night in this game. Something might happen to you even though you have a vanilla role.

*Please reply to this QT to confirm that you’ve seen it.*


Day One, Day Two, Day Three

Day Four ends on Friday, 2/1 at 10:00AM PST (1:00 PM EST), or if a majority vote is reached first.