WW177: Werewolf of the Creek (Day 5)

The Timekeeper plays a sad tune from their perch above the creek. Priest Kid addresses the crowd. “Thank you, Timekeeper. We’re here today to mourn the loss of Bobby. Sadly, our Bobby is – ”

Bobby is laying on the table at the Trading Tree. He drops a piece of candy and struggles to reach it. “My candy!”

Priest Kid continues, “Shh! – Is moving away. Although Bobby’s sweet face will no longer be in the Creek, the Creek will forever be in Bobby.”

Jason Mendoza sniffs and wipes away a tear. “He was so young, and full of sugar. What a stupid age he was.” Kit cries, “Bobby was my best customer! He ate so much candy, I don’t know how he still has teeth!”

J.P. starts yelling, “Oh, Bobby! Oh, my little Bobby Boy!” Robin tries to console him, “Shh, shh, shh, shh… There, there. There’s always a hummus platter at the end of these things.”

Priest Kid answers, “Unfortunately, there will be no snacks today.”

Matthew Perry cries, “No! I didn’t eat lunch!”

Priest Kid finishes up, “In lieu of flowers, Bobby has requested candy to help him with this tough transition between homes.”

The Mattress King (Nate) is moving. He was Bobby (Traitor)

Here is an amazing clip of Bobby: 

The King’s Champions stand on the precipice of victory. “Game over little babies.”

I cannot do better than Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (seriously, please watch this show) so here is this clip:

Box Prince (Josephus) has fallen prey to Delton’s funky beats. He was The King’s Champion (Wolf)

“Long ago, these forests were filled with animals: deer, wolves, turtles, and tigers! The roamed in packs by the thousands, but then the suburbs came and burned their forest and chased them from their homes. All that is left now is this creek. I WILL AVENGE THE ANIMALS WRONGED BY THE HUMANS OF THIS AREA” shouts Wildernessa and she rides in on Cheese Sticks. 

“However you seem to be the bad kind of wolf – the kind of a human pretending to be a noble wolf.” She stabs with her paint bayonet throws her paintball. It makes contact with a squish. She smirks. “I must go, a squirrel needs me. Cheese Sticks, let’s dip.”

“Will we see you around?” asks Sparkle Cadet.

“When nature has taken back these suburbs and the creek runs red with the blood of humanity,” replies Wildernessa.

Wildernessa (Cork) rides off into the sunset on Cheese Stick’s back. She was JP (Medic)

I leave you with this collection of Wildernessa moments. I love when two characters don’t get along, without either being a villain. 

The Ice Pop Trio was playing together, making art to match prompts. Cannonball suggests a zoo animal. “Done!” announces Sparkle Cadet. 

“The power of friendship.”


“Aww, that’s cute Sparks.”

They see a few kids panicking in the clearing. Two paintballs whizz by and connect with their targets, creating a colorful mark on their clothing. “Is this being caused by Anti Sparkle?” asks Sparkle Cadet. “I should go help them with the power of positivity!”

She runs towards the fray, blowing bubble shapes from her scepter. Eventually, she runs out of liquid and the bubbles stop coming out. THWACK. She is struck from a paintball from the side. “Hmm, this color does look good on me. However, I cannot continue to fight negative thinking without a working scepter.”

Sparkle Cadet (Kim) goes home to refill her bubbles. She was a Creek Kid

After all the paint dried, Maya and Eliza stand on opposite sides of the clearing. Their eyes meet and a connection is formed. As the final two wolves, they will team up.

With 6 Creek and 2 Other Siders, tomorrow is KOBK.


The Creek (6)
Craig: Investigator
Every night Craig chooses one person to investigate. He will get a result of either Other Side or Creek Kid. Traitors will thus read as Creek Kid until a successful recruitment.

Kelsey: 2 shot Vigilante
Kelsey will get 2 chances to take down the King’s BFF Maya. If she hits Maya, she will earn a third vig shot.

The Green Poncho: Back up Vigilante
Takes over if Kelsey is killed before using her second shot. Inherits the unused shots, and will also earn a third shot by hitting Maya.

JP: Medic
Every night JP will choose a player to heal. He cannot heal himself, cannot heal the same person on consecutive nights.

Bryson: Watcher
Chooses one player to watch every night. Bryson will see a ping if the player is involved in a night action.
Kit: Vendor
Runs the Trading Tree. Starting with Night 0 she trades with two fellow kids.  Anyone may offer a trade to Kit. Items may or may not have value, and will be communicated to the owner when appropriate.

Vanilla Creek
The rest of the kids are just trying to play at the Creek or trade at the Trading Tree. Creek Kid Message: “You are Vanilla Town. Your only power is your voice and your vote. The Creek wins when the Serial Killer and all Other Siders have been eliminated.”

The Other Side (2)
King Xavier: Recruiter wolf
Recruits Creek kids with the promise of unlimited candy. Assigns kills. Submits one name nightly to turn Traitor into a Vanilla wolf. Does not know the identity of the Traitors.

Maya: Wolf roleblocker
Cannot block and kill unless they’re the final wolf. Does not know the identity of the Traitors.
King’s Champion: Vanilla wolf
Kills town on Xavier’s command. Does not know the identity of the Traitors. Promotes traitor to champion if Xavier dies without a recruitment.
Bobby: Traitor
Desperate to gain candy and willing to sell out the Creek Kids for better access. Knows the identity of the King’s Champion, but not of the other wolves or the fellow traitor.
Eliza: Traitor
Thinks an alignment with King Xavier is worthy of her social standing. Knows the identity of Maya, but not of the other wolves or the fellow traitor.


Win Conditions:
Creek: Wins when all Other Side or Unaligned threats are eliminated. Traitors only count as Wolves after successful recruitment
Other Side: Wins when number of players equal the Creek kids and the SKs are eliminated. Traitors will scan as ‘Other Side’ to Craig, but do not count in Other Side’s numbers until they are successfully recruited.

All typical werewolf rules apply: A day phase where you vote for who to kill attempting to catch scum suspects, a night phase where rolled players use their powers.
Order of operations: Trades > Blocking > Healing > Investigating > Recruiting > Kills

Ties will result in an Rube Goldberg machine or an RNG, whichever is more convenient to the mods.
Do not quote. from any of your QT’s. Do not edit comments.
Participation: Try to make at least three posts per Game Day.
Roleplaying is not required from Creek Groups but it is heavily encouraged. Any RP is possible as long as it fits into a group, like the Witches or the 10 Speeds.
Attack arguments, not people, and be nice to each other.

  1. Nate – Mattress King, Elders of the Creek Bobby
  2. Kim – Sparkle Cadet, Ice Pop Trio Creek Kid
  3. Lamb – Hakase, The Alliance of Science
  4. sic – Cornelius Fillmore, Paintballers The Green Poncho
  5. hoho – TP Role Possum, Cardboard City Craig
  6. Cork – Wildernessa, Fredites JP
  7. Chum – 💋🐺Bot🐺💋, Sewer Kids Creek Kid
  8. Side – Chloe Park, Alliance of Science
  9. Josephus – Box Prince, Cardboard City The King’s Champion
  10. MSD – Jason Mendoza, Sewer Kids
  11. Ralph – Nancy, Tea Timers
  12. spooky – Aubrey, Plush Kids Creek Kid
  13. Indy – Matt Perry, Sewer Kids
  14. Warrior – Dog, Fredites
  15. Wasp – The Creek, Elder of the Creek
  16. Miss Rim – Richard Splett, DVM, PhD – Fredites Kelsey
  17. Thoughts – Robin, Junior Forest Scouts
  18. Hayes – Kumoko, Ninja Kids King Xavier
  19. Dicentra – Elvira, The Witches Creek Kid
  20. forever – George, Tea Timers Kit

Creek Groups

Please align your RP to one of the following groups. This will have no bearing on your alignment. Example: I am Regina George of the Tea Timers.

The Elders of the Creek: Teenagers that claim to have been at the Creek the longest; love anime, older cartoons, D&D
The Fredites: Children who worship a local dog named Fred for his decision making
10 Speeds: Mountain-bike loving group of kids and hang out at the bike park
The Tea Timers: Rich, elegant, and sneaky kids who dedicate themselves to tea time
Witches of the Creek: Teens that come to the Creek at night and dress goth. Might have actual powers
The Ninja Kids: Obsessed with Japanese culture that reside at the waterfall
The Sewer Kids: Swimmers who reside in the sewers
Cardboard City: Children who dress in and engineer with cardboard
The Horse Girls: Play in the meadow, have horse mannerisms
The Alliance of Science: runs experiments in the creek
The Paintballers: Strategic paintball players
The Junior Forest Scouts: Boy scouts
The Plush Kids: Worship their stuffed animals
Creek Daycare: Babysitters and/or younger siblings


Twilight will be 1pm PST / 2pm MST / 3pm CST / 4pm EST / 9pm WET* Friday, 3/4

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