Werewolf 157: Rougarou Fest — Day 6

Sadie Saint Denis breathed a sigh of relief and crossed herself when the crowd passed her over in favor of the Chicken Little Balloon.

“Maybe there’s something to this Catholic stuff after all!” she mused. “Ooh, and now the parade is going to need a new Rougarou Queen! I have to make some posters!”

Excited, she ran to the supplies trailer to get some construction paper and glitter (so much glitter!). She was interrupted, however, by a voice warning her that the void would be calling. And with just a jump to the left and a step to the right, with her hands on her hips, Sadie lost her head.

Starbuck? / Sadie Saint Denis is dead. They were a Festival Goer (Vanilla Town).

Down by the water, Beignet shed her Bee Lady costume and had a good scratch up against a cypress knee before settling down to lunch.

She was trying her hardest to protect people, but there was just no telling what humans would do. As she ruminated, an arrow barely missed her furry little head, *thunking* into the tree right next to her. Beignet needed no further signs. She skedaddled into the bayou, headed for Jazz Fest instead.

Wasp / The Bee Lady of the Bayou is dead safe and sound in New Orleans. She was Beignet the Nutria Pardoner (Healer).

[spoiler title=”Roles”]


1 South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center Representative (Investigator): You are the South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center Representative (Investigator). Your investigation will turn up Rougarou or Not Rougarou. If you die, Watson will inherit your notes.

1 South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center Intern (Watson): You are the South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center Intern (Watson). If the Town Investigator dies before you, you will inherit their water-damaged notes and investigatory prowess.

1 Beignet the Nutria Pardoner (Healer): You are Beignet the Nutria Pardoner (Town Healer). Each Night, you can select one player to protect from death. You can protect yourself, but you cannot protect the same person two Nights in a row.

1 Town Saint: You are the Town Saint. If you are Day Killed, the first person to vote for you is also killed.

18 5 Festival Goers (Vanilla Town): You are a Festival Goer (Vanilla Town). Your power is your vote, for now.


Rougarous (Wolves): The Rougarous share a private chat, which they use to talk amongst themselves and scheme against town, Day or Night. Each Night, Rougarous will select one player to kill. As long as there is one unimpeded Rougarou, they may carry out this Night Action. Rougarous win when all other players are dead, or when the numbers make this inevitable.

  • 1 Rougarou Recruiter: You are a Rougarou (Wolf)! You’re determined to make Avocat your own. In fact, you are the Rougarou Recruiter. Starting Night 1, you secretly feed one random VT meat during Lent. If that VT survives the following day and night, they become Rougarou. Neither they nor you will know who they are until they transform. This continues every other Night as long as you survive. 
  • 1 Rougarou Saint: You are the Rougarou Saint. If you are Day Killed, the last person to vote for you is also killed.
  • 31 Vanilla Rougarous: You are a Rougarou (Wolf)! You’re determined to make Avocat your own.
  • 1 Rougarou Recruit: Unbeknownst to you, that surprisingly delicious Impossible meat you ate the other night was, in fact, filet mignon. This morning you woke up with a lusty howl. Welcome to the Rougarous!

Rougarou Queen Runner-Up (Serial Killer): You are the Rougarou Queen Runner-Up (Serial Killer). You kill each Night seeking vengeance against the Rougarou Queen. If you kill the Rougarou Queen at Night, you will at least share in victory.

Rougarou Queen (Copycat SK): You are the Rougarou Queen. You’re sweet as pie, but when you stumbled upon the Rougarou Queen Runner-Up’s corpse, your first thought was, “Oh that looks like fun!”[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=” Krewe Ga Rous”]

Each player, regardless of alignment, is a member of one of four parade crews. Each crew shares a QT and has a one-shot Night Kill, on a predetermined Night (Night 2, 3, 4, or 5).

Giant Puppets

Rougarou Time Warp

Rougarou Witches

Rougarou Zombies

[spoiler title=”Rules”]

  • No editing or deleting comments for any reason without the mod’s permission β€“ This includes typos, double posts, posting something you meant for the Open Thread, anything. Choose your words carefully, and consider your spelling, punctuation, and html tags before you hit Post.
  • Do not quote anything said in the private chats (QTs) directly in the Day Thread. You may paraphrase, but copying and pasting or screenshotting a role description, for example, is not allowed.
  • All game-related conversation must stop when Twilight is called.
  • Vote in the official Vote Thread. Votes not posted in the Vote Thread will not be counted, and please keep additional commentary, gifs, etc. out of the Vote Thread itself.
  • A tie at Twilight will result in a randomly chosen death among all players who begin the game. If the RNG falls on a dead player, something strange will happen, up to and including that player being brought back to life with an unknown role/alignment. (So please no spoilers in the Graveyard.)
  • Remember that play styles differ, and this game is only as fun as people are kind (murderous, but kind). Most importantly, have fun![/spoiler]


  1. April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer / Foghorn Leghorn VANILLA ROUGAROU
  2. Cop on the Edge-ish / Louis IV SLWDC INTERN (WATSON)
  3. copywight / Klingon Rust Cohle
  4. Dicentra / a firefly FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  5. Donalbain / Louisiana Theroux VANILLA ROUGAROU
  6. emmelemm / Kitty Witless FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  7. Goat / Rougarou Fest Cosplayer
  8. Grumproro / Party Pat FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  9. InnDEEEEEEED / Ass Crack Bandit
  10. Josephus Brown / Chicken Boo FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  11. Kaddish / Alligator Annie
  12. LindsayπŸΊπŸŒˆπŸ¦„GayScream / Sookie Stackhouse
  13. Louie Blue / Ignatius J. Reilly
  14. malthusc / Toge Inumaki FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  15. Marlowe / Chance Boudreaux, Transmogrified Spicy Chicken Sandwich & Yelp Reviewer
  16. Mrs. Queequeg / Blanche Dubois
  17. Narrowstrife / Chicken Little Macy’s Day Parade Balloon ROUGAROU QUEEN (COPYCAT SK)
  18. Nate the Lesser / Richard Ayoade FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  19. Ralph Waldo Wiggins / Cormac McCarthy FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  20. raven and rose / Savannah Lepore ROUGAROU QUEEN RUNNER-UP (ORIGINAL SK)
  21. Shinichiki / a simple country hyperchicken FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  22. sic humor / Rustin Cohle SLWDC Representative (INVESTIGATOR)
  23. Side Character / Beau Jocque
  24. Sister Jude / Blanche Devereaux FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  25. Starbuck? / Sadie Saint-Denis FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  26. Tiff Aching’s Golden Hare / Idgie Threadgoode
  27. Warrior / werechicken FESTIVAL GOER (VANILLA TOWN)
  28. Wasp / The Bee Lady of the Bayou BEIGNET THE NUTRIA PARDONER (HEALER)


  1. hoho
  2. MacCrocodile
  3. Smokey

Day 5 will end at 4pm CST on Saturday, July 17th.

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