Animal Crossing, Shark Month

It’s month four of Animal Crossing, and it’s SHARKS, SHARKS, SHARKS

Also, weddings, if you’re in to that kind of thing.  Harvey just wants a reason to make you do his work for him, the lazy jerk.

Want friends? Here’s the post with friends codes. We also have a hot items and turnip prices thread, but since it’s slowed down, everyone is posting in the main thread anyway.

Neighbors leaving? Let us know who’s in boxes so we can grab if we want them. Crafting DIYs? Dodo us, baby, and share the wealth!

Don’t forget to donate all your new bugs, fish, and art, and watch out for that Redd guy, he’s shifty.

Also! Don’t forget these helpful tips:

You can only get 50 star fragments in a night, and if you’re on someone else’s island, they’ll wash up on yours. So go wishing!

Water flowers when you visit! If five visitors water, you not only get an increased chance of hybrids, they get super sparkly and cool.

Forget Stalk Wizard, Turnip Prophet (, and Turnip Calculator ( seem to work better.

You can only buy one painting from Redd a day, even if you see him on other islands. You can also buy furniture.

Catch all the sharks, because they are worth serious bank.  Like, holy shit bank.  So fish like you’ve never fished before!