Chameleon Boy Night Thread

Chameleon Boy gets the spotlight in tonight’s Night Thread.

During the famed Levitz/Giffen run of Legion of Super-Heroes, Chameleon Boy found out R.J. Brande was his father. After hearing the news, he went out to space with a small group of Legionnaires to try to take on the Khundian Empire. Chameleon Boy was sentenced to the prison planet Takron – Galtos for this misguided act.

He was pardoned after saving Takron -Galtos during the Daxamite invasion of the universe perpetrated by the recently rejuvenated New God Darkseid.

He would return to Earth and once again rejoin the Legion.

However, he would lose his shape changing powers for a time.

If you could change shape, which form would you take?

Have a great night and stay safe!