Werewolf 116: Watership Down, Day 5

Shortly after ni-Frith, the rabbits of the Down were at silflay when they saw a familiar shape limp towards the meadow from the east.

Bluebell looked up. “Is that … ?”

“… Blackberry?!” shouted Fiver.

Ears pricked up across the meadow at the little rabbit’s shout. Many of them sprinted towards the new arrival, and Ash was the first to get to Blackberry before he collapsed into the grass.

“Blackberry!” Ash said as the others arrived. “It’s really him!”

“He’s hurt!” said Haystack. She was right, Blackwell had bloody scrapes all over his body, he was missing patches of fur, and one eye was swollen shut. But he was alive.

“What happened?” said Dandelion.

Exhausted, Blackberry barely managed to whisper a single word: “…. es–caped ….”

Blackberry (Sic) has returned to the game. He is now an active player.

“What about the others?” asked Acorn. “Hawkbit? Boxwood?”

Blackberry groaned. “… dead …” he grumbled.

Boxwood (Hayes Code) has died. They were a Den Rabbit (Town).

Blackavar peered down at Blackberry. “He’ll be all right,” the heavily scarred rabbit said. “But let’s get him inside the warren. Once he’s rested, I’m sure he has a story to tell us all.”

Meanwhile, back in Efrafa …

The Mark captain hopped down a dark tunnel towards the General’s burrow. When he arrived, the enormous rabbit had his back turned.

“Sir!” the captain said. “Permission to speak.”

Woundwort turned his head and looked at the captain with his dead, white eye.


“Permission granted,” Woundwort said.

“Sir,” the captain said. “They are gone. All of them.”

Woundwort nodded. He considered this news for a moment, then spoke in a low, menacing voice.

“Send word to our spies at the Down,” General Woundwort said. “No more detaining and transporting prisoners to Efrafa. That’s over.”

“And, sir, what shall their new orders be?”

“Kill them all,” Woundwort said, then turned and stared off into the darkness.

Little Pipkin was small, heavy, and slow, but she had a keen sense of smell. More keen than others realized.

Lately, Pipkin had taken to sneakily sniffing at the backsides of his fellow rabbits to see if she could detect anything abnormal. Most of the den ignored her, because she was Pipkin. It gave her the perfect cover to continue her investigations.

Pipkin was rummaging through a pile of hraka when she heard a voice from behind her.

“What are you doing with that hraka, Pipkin?”

She turned, and her face dropped in terror at being caught.

“Nothing!” she said.

Several angry-looking rabbits stared back. One of them whispered, “What do we do with her?”

“You heard the General’s orders,” another said.

Pipkin tried to run, but she was small, heavy, and slow.

Pipkin (Emmelemm) has died. She was a Den Rabbit (Town).

Bigwig was out on patrol when he decided he was going to find this homba that had been terrorizing the warren. The others had chosen him as Chief Rabbit until Hazel returned, it was his responsibility to get to the bottom of these attacks.

He followed some muddy tracks the scouts had pointed out to him. For hrair hours past Ni-Frith, Bigwig searched.

The last of the setting sun shone through a break in the trees when Bigwig found it. The fox was below and still some way off. It was trotting steadily up the combe like a dog, trailing its white-tipped brush. In color it was sandy brown, with dark legs and ears. Even now, though obviously not hunting, it had a crafty, predatory look.

“Right,” said Bigwig to himself. Then he ran straight at the fox.

At about thirty yards’ distance the fox saw the approaching rabbit. It paused for a moment and then continued to trot forward. It was almost upon him before Bigwig turned and began to climb the north slope of the combe toward the trees. The fox hesitated again and then followed him.

Bigwig darted around a tree, then headed towards a branch that was low enough to the ground for him to jump on, but high enough to keep him safe from the fox’s snapping jaws.

“Clever,” the fox said, sitting back on her haunches. “You’re a brave little rabbit.”

“And you’re the homba that has been sneaking into the den and eating us,” Bigwig shouted down at the fox.

“Yes,” the fox said. “Usually the rabbits try to run away from me. You’re the first to run at me, I’ll give you that.”

“One of the other rabbits has been helping you get inside the den,” Bigwig said. “Tell me who it is.”

“And why would I do that?” asked the fox. “They keep my belly full.”

“The Betrayer’s name! Tell me now!”

But Bigwig had misjudged how high this particular homba could jump. In a moment, she tensed and sprang upwards, catching Bigwig’s leg and twisting. He shrieked in pain and fell off the branch.

Bigwig tried to run, but with his bitten leg, he didn’t get very far.

Chief Rabbit Bigwig (Hoho) has died. He was a Den Rabbit (Town).


Acorn (Glitch)
Ash (Nate)
Blackavar (Lamb Dance)
Blackberry (Sic)
Bluebell (DW)
Chief Rabbit Clover (Snugglewumps)
Dandelion (Louie)
Fiver (Jake)
Haystack (Sister Jude)
Speedwell (Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa)
Strawberry (Stoneheart)


Buckthorn (Sagittariuskim)
Captain Holly (Grumproro)
Hyzenthlay (Wasp)
Laurel (HappiestGirl)


Bigwig (Hoho)
Boxwood (Hayes Code)
Hawkbit (Corporal Hicks)
Hopcorn (Mayelbridwen)
Pipkin (Emmelemm)
Silver (Ralph)



Den Rabbits (Town) win the game when the Spies and the Betrayer are gone.
Efrafan Spies (Wolves) win the game when their numbers equal Town and the Betrayer is gone.
The Betrayer (SK) wins the game when they are the last rabbit standing. 

No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

You cannot edit any of your posts. The mod will know!

Participation: You must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed or replaced.

Tiebreaker: All voting ties are broken by the Chief Rabbit.


Black Rabbit of Inlé – A rabbit-like being that escorts the spirits of the dead away to the Shadow Realms.

Bob-stones – A traditional game among rabbits. 

Chief Rabbit – The leader of a warren, who serves as the head of the Owsla and final arbiter of all decisions that affect the den.

Efrafa – A large warren to the east. Founded by the power-hungry and aggressive General Woundwort. Enemies of the Watership den.

El-ahrairah – The Prince of the Rabbits who lived long ago and has become a heroic figure. Storytellers are fond of telling epic tales of El-ahrairah’s adventures.

Elil – Any natural enemy of rabbits (foxes, stoats, badgers, etc.) Also refers to humans, who are regarded as one of the Thousand Enemies.

Flay – Food. Particularly good food is called flayrah.

Frith – The sun, who the rabbits worship as a god. Lord Frith created the world and the stars by scattering his hraka across the sky.

Hlessi – A homeless rabbit without a den.

Homba – A fox.

Hrair – Any number greater than four. It is translated to a thousand and, less commonly, five.

Hraka – Droppings, feces.

Hrududu – An onomatopoeic term that refers to any motor vehicle.

Inlé – The moon. Represents darkness, fear, and death.

Narn – Nice or pleasant, often in terms of food.

Ni-Frith – Noon.

Owsla – The chosen leaders of a den that serve as officers and advisors to the Chief Rabbit. (For the purposes of this game, all players are considered members of the Owsla.)

Sil – Outside, outdoors.

Silflay – Feeding outside on grass.

Tharn – Petrified with fear.

Thlay – Fur.

Zorn – Destruction, murder, or catastrophe.


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Day 5 ends on Monday, 2/17 at 10:00AM PST (1:00PM EST), or if a majority vote is reached first.