Werewolf 116: Watership Down, Day 1

Hyzenthlay sat on her haunches near the crest of the rise, looking down at the summer grass that covered the slope below. Rabbits clumped in groups of two or three at silflay.1 The morning had been clear, but just after ni-Frith2 bloated clouds appeared above, so rabbits were eager to fill their bellies and pass hraka3 before the rains began.

She knew she should do the same, but Hyzanthlay had no appetite. Her attention was drawn by the horizon, as it had been in the days since Hazel-rah disappeared. She kept herself still, to the point where someone might think she had gone tharn.4 She watched intently for a flash of familiar fur to appear on the edges of her sight, she could not look away lest she miss the moment Hazel-rah returned. Fiver said he would, and Fiver was never wrong. 

But when? Hyzanthlay wondered. When will you come back from wherever you’ve gone? We need you. I need you. What if —

The thought was blessedly interrupted by the thumping of a rabbit approaching from behind. She turned to see Clover, ears twitching.

“Any sign of him?” Clover asked.

“No,” Hyzenthlay said, returning her gaze to the distance.

“When did you last silflay?” Clover asked, nudging at Hyzenthlay’s belly with a pink nose. “You’ll waste away to nothing, then what good will you be to Hazel-rah when he returns?”

Hyzenthlay narrowed her eyes. “We cannot count on that, Clover,” she said, then pushed herself up on all fours and turned away from the slope. “Without a Chief Rabbit, we are vulnerable. Assemble the Owsla.” 5

Clover turned an ear towards Hyzenthlay. “The Owsla?”

“Yes. We cannot wait for Inlé,6 we must meet in the Chamber of Roots. Right now.”

“But, Hyzenthlay, what about silflay –“

Now, Clover. Gather them all.” With that, Hyzenthlay bounded off across the grass, then dove into the nearest burrow hole.

root chamber

An hour later, the Owsla were gathered in the largest underground chamber in the warren. The walls of the hollow crawled with the still, gnarled roots of the oak tree that rose above ground and shielded the rabbits’ silflay from the summer sun and the winter rains. 

They had come from several tunnels that fed into the Chamber of Roots. Hrair 7 rabbits, each of them knowing the grim business of this day, huddled silently in the subterranean darkness.

Hyzenthlay hopped up on a rock in the center of the chamber so they all could see her. “Our Chief Rabbit has gone missing,” she said.

“Didn’t tell us where he was going,” Bigwig said, making no effort to hide his anger. “Or where. Or why. Or for how long. Zorn!” 8

“He could be de– …in trouble!” Pipkin said, not wanting to speak the awful word aloud.

“Hazel isn’t dead,” Fiver said in a small voice. “He will return, I’ve seen it in my dreams.”

“But when?” Dandelion asked. Fiver could only drop his eyes and shake his head.

“Nobody knows,” Hyzenthlay said. “But there is one question we can, and must answer today.”

“Who will be the Chief Rabbit in Hazel-rah’s absence?” Blackberry said.

Hyzenthlay nodded. “This is why I have called the Owsla here. Without a Chief Rabbit, the warren is vulnerable to infighting, elil9, and even another attack by Efrafa.” 10

Captain Holly stepped forward. “About that –“

“In a moment, Captain,” Hyzenthlay said. “First the Owsla must choose.” Holly nodded and stepped back.

Hyzenthlay turned to Fiver. “He will return,” she said softly. “Whoever we elect understands that.”

Fiver nodded, but his eyes continued to stare at the dirt.

“Each of us shall speak a name,” Hyzenthlay said. “Whoever receives the most votes from the Owsla shall become the interim Chief Rabbit. Are we all agreed?”


Acorn (Glitch)
Ash (Nate)
Chief Rabbit Bigwig (Hoho)
Blackavar (Lamb Dance)
Blackberry (Sic)
Bluebell (DW)
Boxwood (Hayes Code)
Buckthorn (Sagittariuskim)
Captain Holly (Grumproro)
Clover (Snugglewumps)
Dandelion (Louie)
Fiver (Jake)
Hawkbit (Corporal Hicks)
Haystack (Sister Jude)
Hopcorn (Mayelbridwen)
Hyzenthlay (Wasp)
Laurel (HappiestGirl)
Pipkin (Emmelemm)
Silver (Ralph)
Speedwell (Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa)
Strawberry (Stoneheart)



Den Rabbits (Town) win the game when the Spies and the Betrayer are gone.
Efrafan Spies (Wolves) win the game when their numbers equal Town and the Betrayer is gone.
The Betrayer (SK) wins the game when they are the last rabbit standing. 

No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

You cannot edit any of your posts. The mod will know!

Participation: You must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed or replaced.

Tiebreaker: All voting ties are broken by the Chief Rabbit.


Black Rabbit of Inlé – A rabbit-like being that escorts the spirits of the dead away to the Shadow Realms.

Bob-stones – A traditional game among rabbits. 

Chief Rabbit – The leader of a warren, who serves as the head of the Owsla and final arbiter of all decisions that affect the den.

Efrafa – A large warren to the east. Founded by the power-hungry and aggressive General Woundwort. Enemies of the Watership den.

El-ahrairah – The Prince of the Rabbits who lived long ago and has become a heroic figure. Storytellers are fond of telling epic tales of El-ahrairah’s adventures.

Elil – Any natural enemy of rabbits (foxes, stoats, badgers, etc.) Also refers to humans, who are regarded as one of the Thousand Enemies.

Flay – Food. Particularly good food is called flayrah.

Frith – The sun, who the rabbits worship as a god. Lord Frith created the world and the stars by scattering his hraka across the sky.

Hlessi – A homeless rabbit without a den.

Homba – A fox.

Hrair – Any number greater than four. It is translated to a thousand and, less commonly, five.

Hraka – Droppings, feces.

Hrududu – An onomatopoeic term that refers to any motor vehicle.

Inlé – The moon. Represents darkness, fear, and death.

Narn – Nice or pleasant, often in terms of food.

Ni-Frith – Noon.

Owsla – The chosen leaders of a den that serve as officers and advisors to the Chief Rabbit. (For the purposes of this game, all players are considered members of the Owsla.)

Sil – Outside, outdoors.

Silflay – Feeding outside on grass.

Tharn – Petrified with fear.

Thlay – Fur.

Zorn – Destruction, murder, or catastrophe.


WD Map.png


Day One ends on Monday, 2/10 at 11:00AM PST (2:00PM EST), or if a majority vote is reached first.