Werewolf 116: Watership Down, Day 4

Blackberry waited until Inlé was at its peak to push himself up from the floor of his burrow. He quietly hopped around the other sleeping rabbits and made his way out of the den.

He looked up at the black sky, then peered out to the east. He dashed down the hill towards the nearby clump of trees before any of the night patrols could spot him.

Blackberry was a clever rabbit, perhaps the most clever in the Down. He was the first to join Hazel and leave Sandleford. He came up with the plan to use a piece of wood to cross the river, and understood how to dig out the peg to rescue Bigwig from the wire. Blackberry was almost always the first to think of an idea.

And tonight, he had a plan.

He hopped through the woodlands, giving Cannon Heath Farm a wide berth. He had no interest in attracting attention from a man or the elil they chose to live with.

Soon Blackberry arrived at the road, the stretch of hard, flat ground that divided a meadow. He knew that he would be able to hear a hrududu long before he could see one, but the night was silent, so it was safe to cross.

Efrafa thinks they can spy on us? Blackberry thought as he stepped into the road. Let’s see how they like being spied on.

Suddenly, someone had hold of his back legs. He couldn’t move. He turned to see several rabbits holding his back side against the road.

“Let me go!” Blackberry shouted, but his shout was drowned out by the rumble of a quickly approaching hrududu. Blackberry looked up and was blinded by the lights of the creature, so he couldn’t see the faces of the rabbits that yanked him backwards. The hrududu had very nearly run him over.

“You’re no good to General Woundwort if you’re dead,” a voice said, but Blackberry’s ears were ringing from the roar of the hrududu, so he couldn’t determine who it was. “Who’s the clever rabbit now?”

Blackberry (Sic) has been captured by the Efrafan Spies.

Since Hazel disappeared, Silver had taken it upon himself to become the protector of the den. Chief Rabbit Bigwig had not asked this of him, he fought against his own reticence and took the responsibility upon himself.

Silver hopped through the warren’s tunnels. He knew who he was going to watch over tonight. His observation of Captain Holly the night before had yielded unexpected results. He couldn’t get the image of Holly swiping at Bigwig out of his head. Why hadn’t he pounced on Holly right then and there? Why hadn’t he seen the Captain’s treachery?

As he passed a tunnel opening, he heard a hissed whisper: “Silver! Look here!”

He stopped and turned. He saw the outline of a rabbit at the other end of the tunnel, but it was too dark to make out who it was. The rabbit waved at Silver, then bounded off to the side, out of view.

Curious, Silver hopped down the tunnel. At the end was a large burrow, but when Silver hopped inside, it was empty. No rabbit. On the other side of the burrow, two other tunnels twisted away into darkness. The rabbit who called out to Silver was gone, but where?

“Hello?” Silver called out. “Anyone there?”

“Is me,” came the snarled reply. A homba stepped out from one of the tunnels on the other side of the burrow.

Silver went tharn.

Silver (Ralph) has died. He was a Den Rabbit (Town).


Acorn (Glitch)
Ash (Nate)
Chief Rabbit Bigwig (Hoho)
Blackavar (Lamb Dance)
Bluebell (DW)
Clover (Snugglewumps)
Dandelion (Louie)
Fiver (Jake)
Haystack (Sister Jude)
Laurel (HappiestGirl)
Pipkin (Emmelemm)
Speedwell (Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa)
Strawberry (Stoneheart)


Boxwood (Hayes Code)
Hawkbit (Corporal Hicks)
Blackberry (Sic)


Buckthorn (Sagittariuskim)
Captain Holly (Grumproro)
Hyzenthlay (Wasp)


Hopcorn (Mayelbridwen)
Silver (Ralph)



Den Rabbits (Town) win the game when the Spies and the Betrayer are gone.
Efrafan Spies (Wolves) win the game when their numbers equal Town and the Betrayer is gone.
The Betrayer (SK) wins the game when they are the last rabbit standing. 

No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

You cannot edit any of your posts. The mod will know!

Participation: You must make a minimum of three posts per day to avoid being mod-killed or replaced.

Tiebreaker: All voting ties are broken by the Chief Rabbit.


Black Rabbit of Inlé – A rabbit-like being that escorts the spirits of the dead away to the Shadow Realms.

Bob-stones – A traditional game among rabbits. 

Chief Rabbit – The leader of a warren, who serves as the head of the Owsla and final arbiter of all decisions that affect the den.

Efrafa – A large warren to the east. Founded by the power-hungry and aggressive General Woundwort. Enemies of the Watership den.

El-ahrairah – The Prince of the Rabbits who lived long ago and has become a heroic figure. Storytellers are fond of telling epic tales of El-ahrairah’s adventures.

Elil – Any natural enemy of rabbits (foxes, stoats, badgers, etc.) Also refers to humans, who are regarded as one of the Thousand Enemies.

Flay – Food. Particularly good food is called flayrah.

Frith – The sun, who the rabbits worship as a god. Lord Frith created the world and the stars by scattering his hraka across the sky.

Hlessi – A homeless rabbit without a den.

Homba – A fox.

Hrair – Any number greater than four. It is translated to a thousand and, less commonly, five.

Hraka – Droppings, feces.

Hrududu – An onomatopoeic term that refers to any motor vehicle.

Inlé – The moon. Represents darkness, fear, and death.

Narn – Nice or pleasant, often in terms of food.

Ni-Frith – Noon.

Owsla – The chosen leaders of a den that serve as officers and advisors to the Chief Rabbit. (For the purposes of this game, all players are considered members of the Owsla.)

Sil – Outside, outdoors.

Silflay – Feeding outside on grass.

Tharn – Petrified with fear.

Thlay – Fur.

Zorn – Destruction, murder, or catastrophe.


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Day Four ends on Saturday, 2/15 at 2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST), or if a majority vote is reached first.