The 4th Annual Pits Awards!

Hello fellow Avocados! Welcome to the 4th annual Pits commenting and media awards!

As always, if you found the comment or item that was nominated, feel free to direct link to it so that so there can be a flood of upvotes for you and the original poster.

As a warning, this header is gonna be very image intensive. Sorry mobile users but maybe wanna check this one out on desktop.

And now the awards:

Best Discovery – Media you have discovered as a result of The Avocado – The Media and the Person

The winner is the Avocado’s praise of Parasite as nominated by Wonderful Christmas Snob

Best Avocado Meme

Dad’s Casa as nominated by dw: MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!

Best Comment – Funny

This response from the Plugger-in-Chief by upvote moneydog

Best Comment – Serious

This comment from Chash as nominated by Grumproro

Favorite Thread That Doesn’t Reoccur Enough

The winner is Drawvacado as nominated by This Time, It’s Personal!

The most recent Drawvacado

Best username (Not poster, just name)

It’s a tie! The winners are Walter the Farting Dog (nominated by upvote moneydog, Pits Nominee) and noodlestein’s danger tits (self nominated).

Best username – Holiday

The winner is Lindsay❄️🌈🦄HoligayDisaster as nominated by dw: MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!

Best One-off Thread (i.e. not a weekly, recurring feature or daily thread)

The winner is Pajiba Safe House – Created by MLA, nominated by Killua Zoldyck (MSD)

Best Life Changing Advice

The winner is introducing Grumproro to Flex – Reviews by Jam, Razz Matazz, and River

Best Open Thread Header

The winner is Padme and Her Girl Squad Get a Tribue Night Thread by Annanomally as nominated by Lyssie

Best Long-form Post or Subthread

The winner is Great Boos Ups William Campbell interviews here and here as nominated by TheCleverGhostofXmasFuture

Best Avocado Regular(ish) Feature

The winner is The Women+ Thread as nominated by This Time, It’s Personal!

Best Gimmick Account

The winner is Reposted Avenged Sevenfold Fan Comments as nominated by Eat Xmas Ham At Goobersmooches

Best Pet Photo

We all win because they all win!










Best Werewolf Game

The winner is WW100: The One Hundreding by spooky and Owen as nominated by st. nic humor.

Best Rabbit Screening

The winner is CATS the Musical as nomianted by Owen1120

Best/Worst Comic Strip (Pluggers, Heathcliff, etc.)

The winner is Mary Worth for both as nominated by MacCrocodile

Best Use of Gifs/Photoshop

as nominated by ZeussicAlsoHidingDuringXmas

Best Political Comment

“I hate this shit” as nominated by Mister Sludgy

Best Review – TV

Demyx’s Steven Universe Rewind reviews as nominated by sagittaruiskim

Best Review – Movie

Another tie! The winners are

Avengers: Endgame by Louis-Senpai, BeasThief as nominated by Lyssie


Ad Astra by Louis-Senpai, BeasThief as nominated by craig is tranquilo

Best Review – Other

Anime Worth Watching: Mushishi by romanes eunt domus as nominated by lutair

Best Artist/Album Spotlight

Terrible Artist Spotlight: Train by Troubled by Nouns as nominated by Wonderful Christmas Snob

The Ack-Ack Memorial Kindest Commenter Award

The winner is Dropwing Duck asnominated by Lyssie

Rookie of The Year

The winner is Merry and Gay Kaywise as nominated by dw: MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!

Commenter You Most Like to See Upvotes From

The winner is Waffle is Unbreakable as nominated by Krampus and John Berryman

The Holy Guacamole Lifetime Shitposting Achievement Award – (Most Active Commenter)

The winner is Dikachu as nominated by Wonderful Christmas Snob

The Cream of the Guac Hall of Fame

For Continuing Achievements In Toxic Narcissism – TCRM as nominated by TCRM

The Immortan Service Award for OT Diligence – Immortan Scott as nominated by This Time, It’s Personal!

Moves Like Swagger Award for James “Swag” MadisonMexican-American Martian as James “Swag”Madison” as nominated by This Time, It’s Personal!

Posthumous Award for Being a Great Commenter Ack-Ack as nominated by Pliny the 20something

Covfefe-vening of the Year: Best PT Meme Spiral

“Fuck Ronald Reagan” via Token and Nick Miller as nominated by Big Eastern Syndicate Boobie


The Annual Train Sandwich Award: Best OT Meme Spiral

Dad’s Casa Tweetstorm as nominated by dw: MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!

Best use of The Avocado as a response


as nominated by NotSoMerryPachylad

Best Avocado Tournament

The XKCD Versus Tournament by Canadave87 nominated by Merve

Best Recaptioning of a Cartoon

as nominated by Bah Humbug Blowey

Best Dad’s Casa Related Writing

Five Episodes of Dad’s Casa Everyone should See by Aiwendil42 nominated by Merve

Best Original Media/Fiction for the Avocado

Dad’s Casa as nominated by Andy Tuttle

Best Recipe

Nanaimo bar recipes from Rex Reilly nominated by Merve

Best Buds

A threeway tie!
The winners are:

Natsumiroro and KogoRalph as nominated by hoho subarashi possamu

Forget_it_Jake and hoho subarashi possamu as nominated by Grumproro

Waffle is Unbreakable and Dickbutt

Best Upvote Pandering Scheme
The winner is spooky profile pics by spookyfrench hens, turtledoves

Best New Thread
The winner is Late to the Party as nominated by Lyssie

And that’s this annual Commenting Awards!

Best in Media

Now welcome to the Best in Media Awards!

Participation was up pretty much across the board over last year accept in TV *shakes head at you all*.  Now here are the winners in each of the categories.

Miyazaki Award for Best Anime Movie
The winner is Promare


Watanabe Award for Best Anime Series
The winner is Kaguya-sama Love is War

What is this shit.jpg

Asimov Award for Best Book
The winner is Famous Men Who Never Lived by K. Chess


Kirby Award for Best Comic Book
The winner is Immortal Hulk


Mary Worth Award for Best Comic Strip or Webcomic
The winner is Wallace the Brave


Miyamoto Award for Best Game
The winner is Untitled Goose Game


Robots’ Choice Award for Best Film of 2019
The winner is Parasite


Robots’ Choice Award for Best Film of 2018
The winner is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Anybody Killa Award for Best Song
The winner is “Cellophane” by FKA twigs


Laurel Canyon Sound Award for Best Album
The winner is Magdalene by FKA twigs


The “Weird Al” Yankobic Memorial Award for Best Live Show
The winner is Lizzo


Tompkins Award for Best Podcast – Comedy
The winner is Threedom


Tompkins Award for Best Podcast – Other
The winner is 99% Invisible


Groening Award for Best Comedy Series
The winner is The Good Place


Simon Award for Best Drama Series
The winner is Watchmen


Complete Tally for Every Media Category Besides TV

And that’s all folks for the annual Media Awards!

Check out the previous years’ winners for 2016, 2017, 2018 and we’ll see you all in the comments below and for another year at The Avocado!