R.I.P. Ack_Ack

Hey Avocados,

We are so sorry to report that it appears our fellow Avocado Ack_Ack has passed away. We have a link to a Facebook profile which is set to memorial mode and which seems to be his based on some pictures and personal information. Our sincere condolences to the community at large: he was a great Avocado and this is a loss to our little website.

We ask that if you find or are aware of his Facebook page, you avoid flooding it with comments. We understand the desire to memorialize him, but we can’t be sure of how his family would feel about internet strangers doing so, and we’d rather err on the side of caution to avoid any anxiety or harm to his family and IRL loved ones.

We’re really sorry, and thank you.

— Dropwing


Ack_Ack was an incredibly caring and fun person.  I did not know him at all outside of the internet, but on this site he was always sensitive and spoke with concern about the people here and the people in his work and offline life.

One of the last things I remember him talking about was going to a Band of Skulls concert and getting to meet the band.  He seemed to have a real sense of taking advantage of opportunities and creating joy in life.  I remember vicariously feeling happy for him as he had that experience and I will treasure his example of digging for and accentuating the positive.

I’ve set this up because I wanted to do something to recognize his passing.  Feel free to consider this space an opportunity to talk about him if you wish, but not an obligation nor should you feel limited to only talking about him here.  He was a constant part of this place and this loss cannot help but be felt in every corner.