Nanaimo Bar Recipes

Hello residents of The Avocado. I promised these recipes to Merve in yesterday’s day thread, so rather than make a massively long post in an OT that gets buried, I’ve published a separate post. Anyone who wants to is welcome to scoop these recipes if you want.

Right then. So I was given five different recipes. Mostly all the same process*, just with variations on ingredients. There’s the “original” recipe, and four different flavour variations each posted in a separate comment below.

(*Near identical process… the base in one of them is baked for some reason, traditionally Nanaimo bars are no-bake, and one of the variations uses almonds instead of the traditional walnuts in the base. Just make sure you read the recipes and don’t take anything for granted if you’re going to try the variations.)


  1. Make sure you beat the icing layer enough so it’s not gritty or chalky.
  2. My mom sent me photos of these recipes that she took with her phone. They were kind of a mess. I’ve tidied them up and checked, double checked, and triple checked that the ingredients are the correct measurements. If you run into any problems, let me know.
  3. I’ve tagged this post with “Nanaimo Bars” so if you lose the link or whatever, you can search for this post.