The Second Annual Pits Awards!

And here we are with the results of The Second Annual Pits as voted by you, the wonderful people of the Avocado. It’s been a big year for the site and I am really proud of everything that we have accomplished.

Gonna ask a favor from all the winners – If you won but someone didn’t have the specific comment or thread in their post, please post a link to it in the comments. It’s hard to dig through two pages worth of history and most people at this point are on private accounts anyway. So do us all a favor and link to your goodness so it can be celebrated. And upvoted.

And now, to the hardware

1 – Best Discovery – Media you have discovered as a result of The Avocado – The Media and the Person

The winner – What We Do in Shadows as introduced to Letitsnowen1120 by the Future-Ex Mrs Claus

2 – Best Avocado Meme

The winner – The Avocado as nominated by scrooge mcduck

3 – Best Comment – Funny

The winner – Milkproof Robot/Dame K combo as nominated by Lutair

4 – Best Comment – Serious

The winner – Corn as nominated by Merve:

5 – Best Comment – Drama Causing

The winner – cigarette and apples as nominated by hohohodor

6 – Favorite Thread That Doesn’t Reoccur Enough

The winner – Sex Thread as nominated by MrsLangdonAlger

7 – Best username (Not poster, just name)

The winner – How to Get Away With Mordor as nominated by A Winged Potato

8 – Best username – Holiday

The winner – Wassailicious as nominated by His Yuletide Appendage

9 – Best Avatar

The winner – Dikachu as nominated by Merve

10 – Best Username/Avatar Synergy

The winner – JonHamm’sJonHam as nominated by Promethea

11 – Best One-off Thread (i.e. not a weekly, recurring feature or daily thread)

The winner – Edgar Allen Hoe’s extremely popular opinion thread as nominated by scrooge mcduck

12 – Best Life Changing Advice

The winner – This thread as nominated by scrooge mcduck

13 – Best Open Thread Header

The winner – Aranaktu’s Futurama thread as nominated by scrooge mcduck

14 – Best Long-form Post or Subthread

The winner – SheepLauncher’s Savage Love Podcast reviews as nominated by MrsLangdonAlger

15 – Best Avocado Regular(ish) Feature

The winner – Old Magazines by Future Ex-Mrs Claus as nominated by Letitsnowen1120

16 – Best Gimmick Account

The winner – Reposted A7X Fan as nominated by exexalien

17 – Best Pet Photo

The winner – Squeep as nominated by This Time, It’s Personal

18 – Best Werewolf Game

The winner – The Snowman as nominated by Letitsnowen1120

19 – Best Rabbit Screening

The winner – Caligula as nominated by TheJonHamHolidaySpecial

20 – Best/Worst Comic Strip (Pluggers, Heathcliff, etc.)

The winner – Best – Far Side as nominated by Promethea

Worst –
As nominated by Letitsnowen1120

21 – Best Use of Gifs/Photoshop

The winner – Milk-and-Cookie-Proof Robot

22 – Best Political Comment

The winner – pambeesley’s comments about Dreamers as nominated by Matt ThereIsNoSantaClaus

23 – Best Change on the New Site

The winner – Cursing! as nominated by forget_it_jake

24 – Best Review – TV

The winner – Drunk Napolean’s Classic Simpsons as nominated by exexalien

25 – Best Review – Movie

The winner – Everything by Immortan Scott, more or less, as nominated by scrooge mcduck

26 – Best Review – Other

The winner- GoochExtension’s Sonic Forces review as nominated by Merve

27 – Best Artist/Album Spotlight

The winner – Glyph’s various spotlights as nominated by scrooge mcduck

28 – The E Buzz Miller Memorial Kindest Commenter Award

The winner – Immortan Scott as nominated by good king gwenceslas

29 – The ‘Thanks, Ernie From Kinja!’ Memorial Award for Rookie of the Year

The winner – TokenCommenter as nominated by A Very Moonie Christmas

30 – The Way to Make My Day Award for favorite poster to get an upvote from

The winner – Cookie_Monster as nominated by A Winged Potato

31 – The Sean O’Neal Would Hate That We Named This Award After Him Award for Most Active Commenter

The winner – Lindsay Funke as nominated by Mello Yello Enthusiast

32 – The Inaugural Class of The Cream of the Guac Hall of Fame

The winners – ImmaculateDaughterofUhtred, MrsLangdonAlger, Dikachu, The Kappa, Gooch Extension and Immortan Scott


And now to your winners for Best in Media Achievement for 2017

Anime – Hosted by Lutair
The winner of the Miyazaki Award for Best Anime Movie is Your Name
The winner of the Watanabe Award for Best Anime Series is March Comes in Like a Lion

Books – Hosted by Group Therapy
The winner of the Asimov Award for Best Book is The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin

Comics – Hosted by AggroCraig
The winner of the Kirby Award for Best Comic is Saga

The winner of the Robots’ Choice Award for Best Film is Get Out

Music – Hosted by Troubled by Nouns
The winner of the Anybody Killa Award for Best Song is Kendrick Lamar – “DNA”
The winner of the Laurel Canyon Sound Award for Best Album Kendrick Lamar – Damn
The winner of The “Weird Al” Yankovic Memorial Award for Best Live Show is Run the Jewels

Podcasts – Hosted by MrsLangdonAlger
The winner of the Tompkins Award for Best Podcast is The Adventure Zone

TV – Hosted by Daughter of Uhtred
The winner of the Groening Award for Best Comedy Series is The Good Place
The winner of the Simon Award for Best Drama Series is Twin Peaks: The Return

Video Games – Hosted by Merve
The winner of the Miyamoto Award for Best Game is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The complete tallies for each award (aside from TV) or see below for the Top 10s in each category