The Avocado

Assault and Harassment: Our Pasts and Our Futures

The last few weeks have brought a lot of ugly things to light in terms of men being outed as harassers and worse who have influence over everything from politics to entertainment. A lot of these men may be people we don’t like (Roy Moore was a horrible person before we found out about what he did/does to underaged girls) but some of them aren’t (Jesus Christ, George Takei, Jesus Christ). Many of us here at the Avocado have taken this opportunity to look at our own behavior and past with clearer vision, but this past behavior isn’t something we want to spring on anyone uninvited (that’s sort of the point of all the talk about consent).

So this is your space to talk about things that may be weighting on you, as well as a place to ask questions and talk about how we move forward. That means men, women and those who don’t identify as either are welcome to discuss the topic at hand here. Men can be victims, women can be abusers and this space is not for diminishing people’s experiences. Please be respectful, this is a difficult subject, and try to keep anything that needs it under spoiler text or at the very least with clear trigger warnings on it. The only topic that is NOT acceptable here is denigrating victims, which includes pre-emptive talk about “false accusations” and playing devil’s advocate.

Thank you.