The Pits: Best in Comics 2017

Editor’s Note: Feel free to post as big or as small of a list as you would like below but please keep your lists contained to these posts and do not open up your own or fill up the OT with them.  The winners will be announced alongside the other winners of The Pits on 12/20 and will be calculated by adding up your lists (10 points for first, 9 for second, etc. with 5 per awarded for unranked Top 10 lists).  Voting will be cut off some time on 12/20 so make sure to cast your ballot before then.  If you wish to change your ballot later feel free to, but please indicate clearly that you are recasting your vote to make things easier to count.

Come on in, fellow comics readers! This is the place to vote for your favorite comics of the year!

Here’s how it’s going to work: you nominate up to 10 comics that you loved from this year. Number them, with 1 being the best. For everyone who votes, your #1 comic will receive 10 points, #2 will receive 9 points, etc etc etc, and when we’re all done, we’ll have our results! Makes sense, right?

You do not have to explain your choices, or give any reviews unless you want to, and your comics do not have to have begun in this calendar year, they only need to have had issues published.

So have at it, and together we shall determine who wins this most prestigious Kirby Award!