The Pits

The First Annual Pits!

Hi and welcome to the first annual Pits Awards. The awards by and for the Avocado!

First, let’s get a little background into the show itself:

Now, for the awards themselves. The awards are going to be presented in the comments by presenters. Presenters, you can find your category and winner here:…

Everyone else – no cheating! But remember to check throughout the day as presenters post the winners in the comments below. I will post the winners to the first 8 just to get us started.

Your presenters:

The Thin White Duke
Leonard Bernstein
Milkproof Robot
Brad Valachovic

The categories:

1 Best Discovery – Media you have discovered as a result of The Avocado – The Media and the Person
2 Best Avocado Meme
3 Best “I quit” Post by a Returning Avocado
4 Best Comment – Funny
5 Best Comment – Serious
6 Most Anonymous Man or Woman
7 Favorite Thread That Doesn’t Recur Enough
8 Best username (Not poster, just name)
9 Best Avatar
10 Best Username/Avatar Synergy
11 Most committed gimmick account
12 Favorite Serial Upvoter
13 Best one-off thread (i.e. not a weekly or daily thread)
14 Most Surprising Argument
15 Best life changing advice
16 Most Creative Spelling to Avoid Auto-Modding
17 Best Open Thread Header
18 Best Open Thread Running Header
19 Best User Avatar Montage Image
20 Best Longform Post

Finally, let’s remember those who have really left a mark on our channel.