The Avocado

Pajiba Safe House

Pajiba people, here’s a spot where you can post about what’s been going on with the site, get info about the Slack channel, vent, or whatever you need.

Avocado members, I know this post is probably super confusing. Long story short: the website Pajiba majorly fucked up yesterday and hurt their community very badly. They do not currently seem interested in truly apologizing and fixing things, and seem to have started banning members for no reason. The Pajiba community is obviously very concerned, and I offered to host this space for them to find each other in case more people start being banned.

We ask that Avocado members refrain from being silly in this post (I know, I know, that’s our way, but this as an exception) and if you do post, just be kind and welcoming to the Pajiba members using this as a space.