Werewolf 90: Gods and Monsters, Day Four


(The group steps out of the astral portal onto uneven, rocky ground. They struggle to keep their balance as the air around them shifts in chaotic patterns and the sky swirls with purple lightning, tendrils of flame, and moon-sized crystallized formations that mutate their shape and color into impossible configurations.

Disoriented, a few of the gods and monsters shuffle to the edge of the floating plateau and peer down. They see an infinite drop beneath them.)


KING RALPH: Monkey swank the volleyball gazebo!

DAVID BOWIE: Sandwich joust poinsettia?

J.K. ROWLING: Butterbeer quaffle bludger snitch.

OLD BONES (blows on his kazoo, which makes the sound of a full 100-piece orchestra playing in perfect harmony): Shazzbot!


RALGATH: Morons, don’t try to speak. The chaotic energy here will just force you to talk gibberish … more than normal, I mean. Your consciousness will adjust over time. Well, linear temporality does not actually exist here but you know what I mean. You can understand me because I am projecting my thoughts telepathically.

Don’t wander off. I have temporarily stabilized the gravity in a generally spherical area, so you won’t float off into the infinite void. For now. Probably.

Welcome to Limbo.


RALGATH: Ah, yes. Zaphael. A lawful creature such as him would not be able to pass through an astral portal to a plane of pure chaos. I intentionally excluded him. I wanted to keep him off our backs for a time.

SCORPION: Penguin?

RALGATH: Yes, he will be angry, but I’ll deal with him later. That’s my issue, not yours. I just want you idiots to focus on continuing to kill each other without his fucking “yap yap yap” lecture at you about morality or other such nonsense. Most problems can be solved with murder. Speaking of which …

(The demon reaches into his cloak and pulls out two dossiers.)

Alias: Lawrence Welk
True Identity: Chupacabra
Alignment: T.O.W.W.N.
Power: Goat Eater

A loathsome creature that preys on the weak and slow-witted. Still, a chupacabra is smarter than it looks, for when it feeds on a goat at night, it can also extract information.

Alias: Janet Weiss
True Identity: Lich
Alignment: T.O.W.W.N.
Power: God Hater

A lich despises the gods, for this undead abomination envies their immortality. This one sought to murder deities, at first. But then it became enraged when its kill was thwarted. From then on, it turned its ire to include mortal creatures as well.

(The music of Limbo:)

Aphrodite Aphrodite Audrey II_dead.png Audrey II (Glitch, S.C.U.M.)
Aslan Aslan Chupacabra_dead.png Chupacabra (Hicks, T.O.W.W.N.)
Bahamut_dead.png Bahamut (Jake, T.O.W.W.N.) Cookie Monster Cookie Monster
Erinyes Erinyes Elvira_dead.png Elvira (Spiny, S.C.U.M.)
Eru Ilúvatar Eru Ilúvatar Gremlin.png Gremlin
Gozer Gozer Invisible Man_dead.png Invisible Man (Wasp, T.O.W.W.N.)
Kratos Kratos Lich_dead.png Lich (Grumproro, T.O.W.W.N.)
Nyarlathotep Nyarlathotep Medusa Medusa
Osiris Osiris Scylla Scylla
R'hllor R’hllor Sulley_dead.png Sulley (Donalbain, T.O.W.W.N.)

9 Totally Ordinary Walla Walla Natives (T.O.W.W.N.): The T.O.W.W.N. faction want to maintain the status quo, with gods and monsters living alongside mortals. They win the game when the S.C.U.M. faction has been eliminated.

3 Secret Cabal for Undoing Mortality (S.C.U.M.): The S.C.U.M. faction believes the creation of mortals was a grave error, and seek to eradicate humanity from all realms of existence. They win the game when the number of S.C.U.M. players equals the number of T.O.W.W.N. players.

1 Independent: Does not belong to T.O.W.W.N. or S.C.U.M. They have their own secret agenda and win condition.


No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

-You cannot edit any of your posts.

-Votes for NPCs (like Madge) will not be counted.

-The S.C.U.M. faction has a collective role-blocking power.

-If a day’s voting ends in a tie, one player has the power to break all voting ties one of the tied players will be chosen by random dice roll and killed.


April // Greg, who is not an alien
Clodia // Marcie Klein
Corporal Hicks // Lawrence Welk CHUPACABRA, T.O.W.W.N.
Donalbain // Mightily Oats SULLEY, T.O.W.W.N.
DW // Scorpion
Glitch // Irv AUDREY II, S.C.U.M.
Grumproro // Janet Weiss LICH, T.O.W.W.N.
Hayes Code // Seven Japanese Tourists
Hohopossum // Old Bones
Jake // Billi Roman BAHAMUT, T.O.W.W.N.
Lamb Dance // Clock Man
Lindsay // Grayson Wolfsbane
Louie Blue // David Bowie
MacCrocodile // Gena Crocodile
Mayelbridwen // George Washington Masonic National Memorial
Ralph // King Ralph
Sic Humor // J.K. Rowling
Sister Jude // Bee Arthur
Spiny Creature // Tilda Swinton ELVIRA, S.C.U.M.
Wasp // Donkey Kong INVISIBLE MAN, T.O.W.W.N.


Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather
Captain Video
Josephus Brown


Day One, Day Two, Day Three

Day Four ends on Wednesday, April 24 at 4:00PM PST (7:00PM EST), or if a majority vote is reached first.