Werewolf 90: Gods and Monsters, Day One

Elks Lodge #287, Walla Walla, Washington
Friday, June 2nd, 1978


Well, hiya there! Thank God It’s Friday, am I right? Didja see that movie? I took Bob and the boys out to see it last weekend and we all just thought it was a hoot! I love that Donna Summer.

Anyhoo, let me be the first to welcome you to Walla Walla, where a new friend is just a smile away! I’m Madge, and on behalf of the Benevolent Order of the Elks, we are just tickled as a pickle to be hosting this event for you folks tonight!

Look, I know you’re in disguise and all, but I still feel like I’m meeting a bunch of celebrities. I haven’t been this excited since we drove up to Spokane to see President Carter give a speech at Gonzaga. I know people blame him for the inflation and whatnot, but after all the kerfuffle I think it’s good to just have a nice man as president.

Well, here I am, talking your dang ear off! You didn’t come for my blabbermouth, you came to have a good time!

Grab a nametag and introduce yourself. Help yourself to a drink and a homemade stroopwafel. Mingle!


10 gods and 10 monsters have gathered in the Walla Walla Elks Lodge #287 for cocktails, a buffet dinner, and to decide whether humanity should be allowed to continue.

All twenty of the gods and monsters are wearing disguises to shield their true identities from the mortal world … and from each other.

Aphrodite Aphrodite Audrey-II Audrey II
Aslan Aslan Chupacabra Chupacabra
Bahamut Bahamut Cookie Monster Cookie Monster
Erinyes Erinyes Elvira Elvira
Eru Ilúvatar Eru Ilúvatar Invisible Man Invisible Man
Gozer Gozer Lich Lich
Kratos Kratos Medusa Medusa
Nyarlathotep Nyarlathotep Mogwai Mogwai
Osiris Osiris Scylla Scylla
R'hllor R’hllor Sulley Sulley

15 Totally Ordinary Walla Walla Natives (T.O.W.W.N.): The T.O.W.W.N. faction want to maintain the status quo, with gods and monsters living alongside mortals. They win the game when the S.C.U.M. faction has been eliminated.

4 Secret Cabal for Undoing Mortality (S.C.U.M.): The S.C.U.M. faction believes the creation of mortals was a grave error, and seek to eradicate humanity from all realms of existence. They win the game when the number of S.C.U.M. players equals the number of T.O.W.W.N. players.

1 Independent: Does not belong to T.O.W.W.N. or S.C.U.M. They have their own secret agenda and win condition.


No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

-You cannot edit any of your posts.

-Votes for NPCs (like Madge) will not be counted.

-The S.C.U.M. faction has a collective role-blocking power.

-If a day’s voting ends in a tie, one player has the power to break all voting ties.


April // Greg, who is not an alien
Clodia // Marcie Klein
Corporal Hicks // Lawrence Welk
Donalbain // Mightily-Praiseworthy-Are-Ye-Who-Exalteth-Om Oats
DW // Scorpion
Glitch // Irv
Grumproro // Janet Weiss
Hayes Code // Seven Japanese Tourists
Hohopossum // Old Bones
Jake // Billi Roman
Lamb Dance // Clock Man
Lindsay // Grayson Wolfsbane
Louie Blue // David Bowie
MacCrocodile // Gena Crocodile
Mayelbridwen // George Washington Masonic National Memorial
Sic Humor // J.K. Rowling
Sister Jude // Bee Arthur
Spiny Creature // Tilda Swinton
Ralph // King Ralph
Wasp // Donkey Kong


Mr. I’m My Own Grandfather
Captain Video
Josephus Brown


Day One ends on Friday, April 19 at 3:00 PM PST (6:00 PM EST), or if a majority vote is reached first.