The Werewolf Den

There are suspicious people about, with violence on their minds. Two weeks later, those same people are shining with pure innocence, simply trying to root out the schemers in their midst. Yes, it’s the game of trickery, deception, and confusion.

Some call it Werewolf.


Some call it Mafia.


Are you interested in playing? Head on over to QuickTopic and subscribe to emails for the sign-up thread. When sign-ups are posted for a game, it’ll notify you. There’s also this handy QT for general information about the game.

Are you interested in moderating a game? Here are some helpful tips:

  • When will you be ready to run your game? As soon as possible? In a few weeks? Months? Only over a long holiday weekend?
  • How long do you expect your game to last? This will vary depending on your starting roster and how many players can be expected to die off each day/night cycle. Games here rarely go much longer than a real-world week with each day/night cycle lasting 24-48 hours, usually accelerating as the game progresses.
  • How many players are you planning to host? A typical game around here is between 12 and 16 players, but feel free to experiment with numbers outside of that. Smaller, shorter games can serve as a light refreshment between larger, meatier games.
  • How much do you want players to roleplay? Will you enforce roleplay? Will you assign characters, or let people play however they like? Games vary from simple games, cerebral setups that rely entirely on complex mechanics, to sprawling epic tales.
  • Do you have a theme in mind? Is your theme too similar to one that’s already been done, and if so, how can it be tweaked?

Check out the moderator Google Doc for the current schedule. Games listed are more of a rough timeline than a rigid list, but it should give you an idea of who’s moderating when, and what the game theme will be like.

Want to review the games that have come before? Here’s a list of all the previous massacres:

1) Mafia/Werewolf After Dark
2) Werewolves From Space
3) The Werewolf Love Boat
4) Haunting of Ariana Grande
5) Grassland Nights
6) Werewolf Playground
7) And Then There Were None
8) Toga Terror
9) Election
10) Battlestar Galactica
11) Justified
12) Slumber Party
13) Time Travel
14) Wolf Cops
15) Death Note – The Wolf That Wasn’t (No game)
16) Circle of Death
17) Hollywolf
18) Hadrian’s Revenge
19) Cyberpunk Future
20) Wolf Cops 2
21) High School
22) The Magician
23) Name of the Avocado
24) Litigation
25) Small Town Louisiana
26) Coercion
27) Housewives
28) Harry Potter
29) The Roaring Werewolves
30) Porn (Cancelled game)
31) Culinary Catastrophe
32) Soapstone
33) Avocado Studios
34) The Tarot Murders
35) Dungeons & Dons
36) Assassins in Athens
37) Wolf Cops 3
38) Loup-Garou pour les Débutants
39) The Pnakotic Party
40) Totally ’80s!
41) Away Team (Star Trek)
42) Cyberpunk 2
43) Witch Trials
44) The Snowman II
45) Make Werewolves Great Again
46) Live Together, Die Alone (Lost theme)
47) The Thing
48) Heart of Darkness PPV
49) Persona 3 Parallel
50) Clue

Have fun! And happy murder!