The Soft Rollout Open Thread

Alright, folks, this is your open thread for the soft rollout of the new Avocado! All OT posts will be here today, and the open thread over on Disqus will be closed with just a link to this in the body. Let’s enjoy testing this out and cursing as much as we want, and making many jokes about the phrase “soft rollout”.

From the previous thread:

Yes, another one of these threads talking about my second Completely Unofficial and Totally Voluntary Avocado Member List thread. Feel free to skip it, because it is pretty much the same as the last one, except with maybe one or two more names, but I will still be updating the list until Tuesday evening. If you still have not signed up and do not refuse to be included, you can get on this list by responding to my post that has the first letter of your username here.
Remember to respond to the appropriate post that I made in that thread if you wish to be included. I will post my next update at the start of the Night Thread.

The List as of 11:00 AM EST
A Giraffe, A Stabbing Sound, Ack_Ack, acsol, adam farrar, Afro Pig, AggroCraig, Aiwendil, AlienJesus, Allison the Vampire Slayer!, allstonwolfspider, annanomally, Anukkai, Aoqi888, askyermom, August Personage

bad brain thingy, Bahamut1987, Bakken Hood, BannerThief, Beasterly, Ben, Benjamin Sapiens, BikeKike, Billy Everyteen, blackmoon eleven, Blargg, Bluelightspecial, Boy Lilith, BrittaBot, brittabelcher, brocked, Buck Dharma Initiative

Cade, CakeWithaJ, candyoh, Captain Video, CatskillSurvivor, CFAmick, CharAznable, Chash, cheechako, Cigarette, Combaticus Redux, Cookie_Monster_Mash, Corgzilla, Corn, Crybaby Boobie, cuttles, Cyrano Thebirdsareback, c0diator

Darryl, Demyx, dickheaven, Didactautolonomotopoeia, Dikachu, Disgruntled Goat, Doctor Nick, Doctuar, DrFlimFlam, Drinking with Skeletons, Dripping Yellow Madness, Drop Message, Dr. Tonberry

Easteros, edcharleston, El Barko, El Marinero, ellipsiparenthebang, Ellsworth 2e, emmelemm, EmTV, Enter The Kinja, enuma, exexalien, exiledjerseyite

fallinglory, Fan Disservice, Fat Morty, Fenton, Flesh, Flubba Gunto, forever1267, forget_it_jake, Francine Hibiscus, Franko, Frosstbyte, Future-ex Mrs. Malcolm, Fuwfuwa

G 40F6D8, Gilles De Raisin Bran Glorbes, GLYPH, GoochExtension, Gougagna, GrandpaSeth, Great Boos Up, greetings feline, group therapy, Grover, Grumproro, Guy__Montag

hamderbeek, Happiest Man, HarrietTheSpy, Headphone Princess, Hegel Exercises, His Noodly Appendage, HobbesMk2, hohodor, How to Get Away with Mordor, Howland pariah, Huntergathers

idiotking, Immortan Scott, ImpossibleTreeSloth, InnDEEEEEEEED

Jason Waterfalls, JGhoul, Joey.Blowey, Jose Peterson, Just Ask This Scientician

kajigger de los muertos, KipSmithers, Krellis

La Plume Dilettante, launchpad mcquack, librarylady2u, LibraryLass, LindsayFünke, liz156, Lockeout, Lopsidedown, Lord Stoneheart, louiebb, Lovely Bones, LoveWaffle, lutair, Lynn McKenzie, Lysiuj

MacCrocodile, Magic Mushrooms, Malkovich Malkovich, man-in-the-moon-man, Manuel-at-Arms, Martha, Megara Justice Machine, Mello Yello Enthusiast, Merve, Metlow Rovenstein, Mikey Insanity, Millennial Historian, Mirage, Miss Rim, Mister Sparkle, Mister Splendiferous, MLA, Molly_Grue, Molly Man, Mom, Monkeylint, Moon!, MrPlow (99), Mrs. Belvedere, Mrs. Manface, MuscaDomestica, My My My

Nate the Great, naturalcynic, Nemrex, Nerdherder, Nerfworld, Ninjaneer, nominal name, NonUnionMexicanEquivalent, Noperferatu

obscure_pop_culture_reference, OccasionalJonCarpenter, OCD Geek², Orson Hyde, Owen1120

patagonianhorsesnake, Paulie Almonds, PeepsApologist, Pizzamouse, Platformula, Plutarch X, polly shouldn’t be, PoopCulture, Powerthirteen, Preterite, Princess 20-Sided Die, Pringles, PRIVILEGED, Professor Bananahot, PT, Pulprobot, Punchdrunk

QHarp, qualifiersrep, Qweef Latina

Razz Matazz, Refer Madness, reflecto, Rex Banner, Rex Reilly, Rick Barry, Rilkproof Mobot, Ritter, River Song, Romanes eunt domus, Ruck Cohlchez

Sagittariuskim, sallgood,man, Samsquanch, Science is Bad, Scientician13, scrappybilly, Sean McMillan, SeedyC, Sewerratpumpkinpie, Sheltie, Shipwreck, Shit-Master Slutface, SisterMaryFrancis, Skullcrshr, SlamAdams, Snorefish, Snorf, Sokudoningyou, Sonneta, Solipfvckingschism babyyyyy, space robot, StevePegues, Stichface, Stingo the Bandana Origami Prodigy, stormy foster, Stupid Fast, subsaharan, Sukaluski, Surely Revive Zanoni, Sy_Snootles_Is_Hot

T-bone, TCRM: HALLOWEEN EDITION!, Tereglith, thad barkley, Thad Boyd, Thants, The Architect, The Duchess Approves, the good king snugglewumps, The Guilty Party, The Internet’s Cappadocius, The Kappa, The Landstander, The Prighlofone, The Real Rod Hull, The Uvular Suspects, TheCleverGuy, This Time, It’s Personal!, Thundergun, Toadal Douche, TokenCommenter, Trance, Troubled by the Upside Down, t⛧my`

Uncanny Valet

Vassago Gamori

Wafflicious, WaldoJeffers, walter_the_farting_dog, Warmerdam, Warrior, weaselsoup, Welcome to Tiny Train World, Werdup, Wes Lawson, whinger, WilhelmWolff, William T. Goat Esq., whoo-ee-oo, Whovian, Worthless Peon

Yahnati, your town is next.

Zecko, Zeussical, Zkywalker