Werewolf 50: Clue, Day One – Dinner Will Be Ready at 7:30

You did something bad. You did something bad, and somebody found out. Or rather, some Boddy found out. For months now, you’ve been paying everything you can afford to avoid having your secret exposed, and tonight, you’ve actually been invited to dinner by the very man who’s been blackmailing you. Finally, a chance to explain yourself. To plead your case. To beg for mercy. Or maybe you’re not that kind of person.

Maybe you’re the kind of person to take a more direct approach. And maybe, you’re so desperate to avoid your business getting splashed across the front page that you’ll eliminate anyone who might know your secret.


Everyone is on edge. Though the invitation was for 7:00PM, most everyone arrived for cocktail hour by 6:30, eyeing each other nervously in the Lounge as they sipped their cocktails, made pointless chitchat, and excused themselves to explore the well-appointed mansion. The tension was unbearable as the guests waited for their elusive host, but it turned out that soon, they’d be pining for that tension. At 6:50, a piercing shriek filled the air. Mrs. Ho, the cook, had discovered Mr. Boddy in the Trophy Room, his face bashed to almost unrecognizability by a horseshoe that still lay beside him. With his final breath, he croaks out, “Everyone knows. I told them all about you.” And then Mr. Boddy is no more, a twisted smile still upon what remains of his lips. The guests looked at each other in horror. Nobody had a good alibi. Everyone has a motive.

And then…the doorbell rang.

It was Colonel Mustard, arriving punctually, as he always did. Surveying the scene, he did what any good military man would do: He locked down the house, and refused to let anyone leave until this matter was sorted out.

Now, who’s for some hot shark-fin soup?


11 Guests (Vanilla Town)
4 Murderers (Vanilla Wolves)

Rules and Items:

Though everyone is Vanilla, there are plenty of useful items lying around the mansion that you can use. You do not have to use an item that you have found. You may also return it or hang onto it. Items that are not restricted to one-time use will return to the pool. If you hang onto an item, you will not get another one until the one you have is used or returned. All items are to be used at Night, unless otherwise specified.

On Day One, everyone will be given an item. After that, the number of players given items will be randomized on both sides.

Town Items:

1) The Badge: Allows the user to submit a name to conduct a Murderer/Guest alignment test at Night.
2) The Wiretap: Upon activation, the user will be given random messages from the Murderer QT, ranging from 1-5 consecutive posts.
3) The Chandelier: Allows the user to booby trap the chandelier to drop onto and kill a player of their choice. – ONE TIME ITEM
4) The Bulletproof Vest: Allows the user to protect someone from a Night kill, including themselves. The same person cannot be protected on consecutive Nights.
5) The Secret Passage: Allows a Town member to be protected from a Lynch the next day. ONE TIME ITEM
6) The Medicine: If the user is targeted for a Night kill, they will survive throughout the following Day, dying when Twilight hits.
7) The Insurance Policy: If targeted for a Night kill, the user may join the Murderer team if they wish. If they decline, they will die as normal. – ONE TIME ITEM
8) The Flu: If the user is eliminated via Night kill, the Murderers will lose their subsequent Night kill.
9) The Wine: If the user is targeted for a Night kill, the Murderers must select someone else to target, instead.
10) The Bet: The user may pick a target player and direct them how to vote the next Day. A coin flip will determine whether or not the target must adhere to the user’s directions. (There must be at least five players to use this.)

Wolf Items:

1) The Wig: If investigated by the Badge, allows the user to appear as a Guest.
2) The Recording: If the Murderers are listened to by the Wiretap, allows the user to send a fake message to the Guest.
3) The Handcuffs: Allows the user to prevent a chosen Guest from activating their item.
4) The Secret Passage: Allows a Murderer to be protected from a Lynch the next day. If used the same Night as the Guest Secret Passage, the Murderer will kill the Guest in the passage. ONE TIME ITEM
5) The Tin Badge: If the Badge is used, the Badge user will get two reports – one true and one false. If used on the same Night as The Wig or The False Confession, it will override those items’ powers.
6) The Diary: A Guest will be chosen at random, and any item that Guest is currently holding and what they choose to do with it will be exposed to the Murderer QT.
7) The False Confession: Allows a Murderer to make a target Guest show up as a Murderer if they are tested by The Badge.

Neutral Items (can go to either Town or Wolves):

1) The Blackmail Note: Allows the user to select a target. The target’s vote will not count the next Day.
2) The Will: If the user dies while holding an item, they may select another player to bequeath it to. ONE TIME PER PLAYER
3) The Molotov Cocktail: The user selects a target. If the user is eliminated while the Molotov Cocktail is active, the target player is also eliminated.
4) The Gazebo: May be used in the Day or Night. Allows the creation of a private QT between the user and another player. The players have one phase (the Day or Night it’s activated) to exchange messages. Each person in the QT may submit up to five messages. Going over the limit carries a stiff punishment.
5) The Microfilm: The user’s vote secretly counts double the next Day.
6) The Invisible Ink: If used, all the next day’s votes will be cast in individual QTs. The votes will be public, but voters will be private. If used by a Guest, the scrawl from the Invisible Ink can easily be illegible, causing up to half of the Murderer votes to randomly change. ONE TIME ITEM
7) The Junk Drawer: The next time the user is not assigned a random item, the Junk Drawer allows the user to claim an unclaimed item of their choice. (May not be used on one-time items)
8) The Glue: The user may keep and use any subsequent item permanently (May not be used on one-time items)
9) The Ballot Box: Must be used during the Day. If used, all votes for the Day will be wiped, and voters must cast their votes again. Votes for the user will not count. ONE TIME ITEM
10) The Ouija Board: The user may either decide how the victim of the Night kill will be dispatched or, if they choose, may write up the Night kill themselves.
11) The Mannequin: Allows the user to fake their death. The user will show up the next Day as dead and Guest. They may then decide how to spend the Day, but will not be punished for commenting, voting, etc. They will be revealed to be alive at Twilight. ONE TIME ITEM
12) The Mysterious Powder: If used, has a 50% chance of granting the Murderers an extra Night kill, a 25% chance of preventing the Murderers’ Night kill, and a 25% chance of killing a Murderer. ONE TIME ITEM
13) The Mask: Allows the user to override their public vote with a secret vote in their personal QT. ONE TIME PER PLAYER
14) The Alarm Clock: May be used in the Day or the Night. If used, it will shorten the following phase by several hours. The limited time window will be announced publicly, but players who do not act in time will not be able to vote, activate items, or Night kill. ONE TIME PER PLAYER

Day One Reminders:

The Murderers know each other and share a private chat. Everyone else does not know who each other are, or who the Murderers are, and can generally only communicate on the open game thread.

A player’s faction and role will be revealed upon death. Dead players should not discuss the game in the open thread (though they can say good-bye as they join their deceased brethren). Dead players will also get a link to The Graveyard, where they can discuss the ongoing game.

You vote by replying to the very first comment, appropriately titled VOTE THREAD. To find it, sort comments by oldest. To change or withdraw your vote, simply post another reply. DO NOT EDIT ANY VOTE. Only votes posted as a reply to the official VOTE THREAD will count.

You may also choose not to vote for anybody, in which case ignore the vote thread. Or you can cast a “No lynch” vote if your conscious choice is to not lynch anybody. If the vote is tied at Twilight (end of day), a random player who is not part of the tie will be chosen. That player will make the decision as to who will be lynched, or may also decide that nobody will be lynched.

DO NOT EDIT POSTS. Sorry you misspelled a word or made a coding snafu, but it’s here to stay. NO editing allowed. Read through and think carefully about your comment before posting it. Editing a post may get you mod-killed, and nobody wants that.

Do not quote or post a screenshot from a QT to the main day threads. You are free to make claims about your powers and allegiance on the open thread, but those claims will not be confirmed or denied by the moderator.

Day One (and most typical Days) will last 24 hours, or until a majority vote is reached. A typical Night will last 12 hours. Day/Night lengths may be adjusted if necessary.

If you have questions that may reveal sensitive information, feel free to ask them in your personal QT. Please note that you are encouraged to ask questions about the rules of the game, how your items work, and whatever else comes to mind. Check your QTs often!

Role-playing is encouraged, but not required. Attack arguments, not people. And above all else, have fun!


1) MacCrocodile (Mrs. Peacock)
2) El Marinero (Reverend Green)
3) Capt.LinsdayFunke (Mrs. White)
4) forget_it_jake (Miss Peach)
5) Doctor Nick (Professor Plum)
6) HolsIsFuuka (Yvette)
7) Tintin Quarantino (Det. Amarillo)
8) Admirax (Miss Scarlet)
9) subsaharan (Prince Azure)
10) ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Madame Rose)
11) the good king snugglewumps (Wadsworth)
12) Zecko (Sergeant Gray)
13) Grumproro (Monsieur Brunette)
14) April Ludgate-Karate-Dwyer (Dr. Orchid)
15) Captain Video (Det. Ochre)

Day One will be longer than most days, ending at 11AM EST on Monday, January 15, or if a majority lynch vote is reached first.