Werewolf 47 – THE THING: Day One

Day One
With the corpses unrecognizable and their prized discovery missing (and presumably responsible) many of the scientists and staff of Outpost 47 were murmuring theories. Some calmly, some were panicking. Eyes were darting around. One scientist eventually stepped forward and cleared their throat.

“Everyone, I have uh….some bad news. I was working late here in the lab on the tissue samples we extracted after drilling into the block the being was in. And well, have a look.”

(A video plays showing microscopic cells moving. Some seeming to transform into others.)

“I believe that the creature we found was not only from somewhere other than Earth, I think it possesses abilities like nothing we’ve ever seen. We may not be able to say for sure but I think…it could possibly have a chameleon like ability to change it’s shape. And these cells, they’re alive! It’s really absolutely incred-”

The lights go out and there’s fast movement, and a short scream. When they come back on the lone scientist who hadn’t partied and actually did some damn research was dead of a broken neck. Everyone looks at each other suspiciously. Like they don’t even know who they’re standing next to anymore….

1. Smapti Jones
2. MacCrocodile
3. Grumphoho
4. forget_it_jake
5. Zecko
6. A Winged Potato
7. Admirax
8. Owen1120
9. Captain Video
10. Flaxon Faction Jackson
11. Shinichiki
12. Creeper
13. santafriend
14. Saint Doctor Nicholas
15. the good king snugglewumps
16. LuminariaLass
17. Lockeout

Master of Arms (town)
Jailkeeper (town)
Detective (town)
11 Vanilla Town
3 Wolves (1 Roleblocker, 2 Vanilla)
1 Serial Killer

• If there is a tie at twilight there will be no lynch. A majority vote for any player (or no lynch) will result in early twilight.
• If you have questions about your role ask in your QT.
• Do not quote or screencap from your QT.
• No editing or deleting of posts.
• Bear with me on days and stuff, since my schedule is all out of whack compared to you normal daytime folks so days could go up at odd times or I may not be immediately available to call twilight/answer questions. I’ll do my best though.

(I have no idea how to do a countdown thingy, but that gives you all just under 30 hours for Day One)