Werewolf 48: Heart of Darkness PPV – Day 1

The wrestlers of Snake River Championship Wrestling – all 20 of you – meet up in the town of Uranium Springs, which is not even close to being the most radioactive place in Idaho. The town consists of a post office/laundromat and a gas station that rents VHS tapes. Around 6, a twin-engine helicopter – visibly struggling – swoops in, with a steamboat hanging underneath it. It wobbles over to the river, drops the boat from about 20 feet up, and then flies away.

“That can’t have been the most cost-effective way to do that,” someone says.

You gather at the boat landing and make small talk for awhile, careful not to break kayfabe, until Wendy Hovnatanian rolls up in her rust-eaten AMC Pacer, which is optimistically sporting whitewall tires. Wendy herself is wearing a SRCW sweatshirt two sizes too large and one of those accountant’s visors made out of translucent green plastic. The car’s drum brakes bring it to a creaking halt, and she jumps out, clapping her hands.

“Okay!” she says. “Who’s ready to wrestle?”

A few hands go up in the back.

“Rad! Alright, I want you each to take a folding chair out the back of my car and carry it on board. We’ll leave as soon as I fire up the engine.”

There’s a pause. “You’re running the boat?” someone asks.

“Sure am!” She pushes up her glasses. “I minored in boat at college.” She turns her back on you and heads down the pier. “Excelsior!”


  1. E-Dog
  3. Smapti
  4. Pearl Sheltie
  5. Capt. Lindsay Funke
  6. Mello Yello Enthusiast
  7. Dr. Nick
  8. Flubba Gunto
  9. Milkproof Robot
  10. BannerThief
  11. Library Lass
  12. Spookyfriend
  13. Owen1120
  14. Zecko
  15. Grumproro
  16. Ralph Waldo Wiggum
  17. Subsaharan
  18. Lockeout
  19. MacCrocodile/Forget It Jake (tag team)
  20. Spiny Creature


12 wrestlers (vanilla town)

4 traitors (wolves)

1 rogue wrestler (serial killer)

1 booker (detective, town aligned)

1 TV camera operator (jailer, town aligned)

1 TV host (custom role – flip-flops alignments)


  • The jailer cannot jail themselves, or the same person two days in a row.
  • Wyoming Beatdown League turncoats (mafia) will show up as TRAITOR to the Detective. All others come up WRESTLER.
  • The traitors win when they are equal to the number of town-aligned players left.
  • Town wins when all the traitors and the serial killer are defeated.
  • Serial killer wins when it comes down to just them and one other person.
  • The TV Host flip-flops alignments between odd and even-numbered days, can talk to the “dead” wrestlers in the Graveyard, and can share that info with the rest of you. Does not have access to the wolf QT, or count towards lynch-or-lose situations. The flip-flopping happens at the beginning of each day, after the previous night actions have gone through.
  • A tie at the end of day results in No Lynch. A majority of living players voting for any one person (or No Lynch) ends the day early.
  • No editing posts.
  • No quoting or screencapping from your QTs.
  • If you have any other questions about rules, please ask in QT, and I will answer publicly here.


Sunday at 4 p.m. (countdown)