The Night Thread Has Been Doing Bad

No, this is not about how I got a spot of habanero in my eye this evening. This is about Hwang Soyoon, of the Indie rock band, Se So Neon.

Se So Neon formed in 2016. The band released their first album, Summer Plumage in 2017. Their second single from the album was The Wave. Here is Hwang Soyoon on the guitar.

Se So Neon released another album, Nonadaptation, in 2020. There were also a few non-album singles released before and after that. More recently, Hwang Soyoon, or So!YoON!, released a solo project called Episode1: Love. The album was actually uploaded to the Se So Neon Youtube page about a month ago. But a month before that, the video for the single “Bad” was uploaded…and here it is.