Chaos at the Crossroads of Time Conclusion

She was Vengeance! She was Justice! She strode forth to find who had called her and almost stepped on her. SQUEEK!!!!!!!!! Megera looked down it had to be a joke. SQUEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!! No the mouse really wanted vengeance. She shrugged. Everything deserved justice. “Noble Mouse”, she bellowed, “What foul things have been done to you?” SQUEEK! “They ate your Pizza? Fair enough DEATH AND DESTRUCTION IT IS!!!”

It took several weeks but she tracked down those foul enough to eat a defenseless Demon Mouse’s pizza. And when the last miscreant had perished she bowed to her vindicated Mousey friend and returned from whence she came.

THE MOUSE SECURITY DETAIL (MSD) has died they were Megera: Vengeance Incarnate (INDEPENDENT)

(Thanks Jam!)


The Doctor surveyed the city. The tears in time had been repaired by the other Doctors’ TARDIS and the Angels had been safely corralled once more by the valiant members of the city. They had lost many but a few still stood. Joan d’Arc the Fearless Knight, Loki the Enchantress, Sasha the Energetic Reroller, Entrapta the Chaotic Creator, Persephone the Smart and Sassy Zombie and Snuffles the Demon Mouse; The Bringer of Destruction and Woe; The Vortex of Chaos; The Herald of the End Times; And the Lover of Deep Dish Pineapple Pizza, reveled in the victory while honoring their fallen comrades. The Doctor looked over their new form and liked it. It was a good first adventure but many more awaited.

And they knew just the Companions to invite along!

All wolves and independents are dead and at least one town member is alive. TOWN HAS WON THE GAME!

MSD chose to get vengeance for Jam at the beginning of the game. Since Jam is alive and on the winning team MSD HAS ALSO WON THE GAME!

Congratulations and Condolences! It was an utter joy to watch you play and thanks so much for participating in my first game.

Link to the Set-Up Notes for the game: Includes all role descriptions including those not used for the game, all charts associated with powers, has all hidden rules/clarifications shown, and some ideas on balance changes:

Link to a sheet version of the powers used each Night and Day Cycle:

Link to a Google Doc Summary of Night Powers (this one is probably more readable for what happened:

Voting Sheet if Interested:

Moderator Notes channel will also be open if interested. (Note there is some swearing at a certain point) And there is a little arrow on the side to collapse the huge number of channels.

Mod Mistakes

Didn’t redirect an art piece for Jam right away so she got access to some very minor information about art. Given that this was easily accessible and not able to manipulated by her role I dont think this mattered at all

Let Nuka investigate Josephus twice in a row because I focused on the fact she was trying wolfie-kill me and laughing instead of checking her other target. She wound up targeting my role that night so this had no additional information granted though I did wind up having to clarify in thread. I doubt this affected any decision making process but it could’ve if I made the mistake earlier so sorry about this one.

I slightly changed Wasp’s rule during the game from allowing her to put Servant of the Queen on her targets death-flips to “The Queen Grows Stronger” when she gained levels. This kept the goal of the original, hinting at the Queen’s unique win condition, but removed what I thought was misleading and mod lying from the “Servant of the Queen” option.