The Weekend Politics Threads Gives as Good as It Gets

I like food, food tastes good!
I like food, food tastes good!
Juicy burgers, greasy fries
Turkey legs and raw fish eyes

— Give a person steak, cornbread, or candy. No wrong choices.

Now, we all know no one and nothing has ever made food or access to food a political issue.

*Uvular pauses Weekend Politics Thread header to receive verbal, physical beatings from commentariat*

That written, allow your once-and-future guest WPT header writer to suggest, in full fear of contradiction, that individuals cannot live their best lives unless they know they will eat tomorrow. And the day after that. And three days from now. And so on until they themselves become meals for insects, microbes, fungi, and/or stranded house pets.1

Your currently food-secure haranguer bases his surmise on unwelcome personal experience. While he has recently packed on the yottagrams, he ended too many past months by flipping coins to decide whether said coins paid rent or purchased provisions. He hated those times. He hates knowing every minute marks such a time for someone somewhere.

So Uve funds his local foodbank.2 He also donates money to PBS as a viewer like he must, but covering comestible costs constitutes his charity of choice. With the final weekend of November foreshadowing a tonal shift in the American Zeitgeist from a demand that folks give thanks for all they have received to folks demanding thanks for all they give, think about committing some cash to the foodbank nearest to you. Assuming3 you live in the United States.

Perhaps people eat in other countries. Frankly, Uvular would rather not speculate. On the off chance hunger affects adults and children elsewhere, the UN World Food Programme provides links4 for getting involved to change that.

Of course, everyone has their own preferred causes. Share yours in the comments and reap your deserved thanks for doing good or paying for salutary efforts.

As a related prompt, what grand gesture would you make if you had the kind of money McKenzie Scott gives away? Uvular would buy eviction and foreclosure dockets. This means he would anonymously fund lawyers who went to court and settled with landlords and banks so no individuals who have cases to make for staying housed (i.e., everyone) end up houseless simply because their income stopped or their debts escalated beyond their control.

If you can’t give big, at least extend birthday best wishes to Uvular. He’ll thank you.