Best Male+ Voice in Music: The Quarterfinals

Two very close matches in the round of 16: Avocado fav David Bowie met his match in Al Green, and Nat King Cole outlasted the Man in Black, each by a single vote.

If there was an upset, it was in Cole v. Cash, but it seems that, while Nat King Cole has won each of his rounds by small margins… maybe he was just under-ranked?

The biggest blow-out came at the expense of the lead singer of my favorite rock band. I love U2. I love Bono’s voice. But the man was up against Bill Withers, and it’s no shame to lose like that.

The other winners of the night were many who’ve elicited discussion, such as Sam Cooke, Freddie Mercury, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles (who are now matched off in the round of “best male+ blind, Black, piano playing voice in music), and then the last name is one I don’t think I’ve seen much mention of, even though Marvin Gaye’s our top seed. Wild.

And I’m looking forward to seeing where things go from here. This round’s got some doozies, and we’ll keep it open until 11AM Monday, 10/10, Eastern.