The Avocado’s Favorite LGBT+ TV and Web Series: The Voting

Welcome to the first ever (as far as I know!) poll of The Avocado’s favorite LGBT+ TV and web series! Over the next few weeks, the most astute viewers anywhere on the internet (that’s you!) will be submitting their ballots, culminating in early June with the publication of a master list of our favorite queer series. Here are the ground rules:

  1. Submit an unranked ballot of exactly 10 TV or web series (including miniseries, limited series, etc.).
  2. Limit your ballot to series/long-form visual media – basically anything that wasn’t eligible for our LGBT+ Films list!
  3. It will make my life much easier if lists are submitted in a consistent format of “[Title], [Network/Streaming Service], [Year(s)].” Please try to shy away from submitting individual seasons of a series.
  4. Please use your best judgment in determining what is and is not an LGBT+ series – series that were/are primarily cishet-focused but include gay characters/storylines (aka everything before the late ’90s) can certainly count if you want them to! Feel free to discuss with your fellow voters in the comments.
  5. Following on (4) above, obvious joke ballots will not be counted. If I perceive a ballot as a joke ballot, I will comment as such and give the voter an opportunity to respond.
  6. Do not mock others’ picks. These ballots may be extremely personal to people, and in many cases heavily tied to identity and self-actualization. This poll is intended to be fun for everyone, but if your idea of fun is mocking, I’m not interested!
  7. Have fun! This is meant to be a list of your favorite LGBT+ series, there are no objective criteria.

The deadline for submitting votes is 11:59 PM ET on Tuesday, May 31st.