Character Spotlight – The Riddler

After what seems like forever, The Batman is finally hitting theaters this weekend.

The Riddler will be the big bad that Batman will face off against in this film, so today we are talking about Edward Nygma in today’s Comic Book Chat.

Debuting in Detective Comics #140, The Riddler uses his genius and wits to go toe to toe with the Dark Knight. We have seen him as both a hero and villain over the years. The Riddler has been brought to life on both the small and big screen thanks to Frank Gorshin, Jim Carrey, and Cory Michael Smith. He was voiced by John Glover on Batman: The Animated Series.

Where does the Riddler rank on your list of favorite Batman villains?

Which comics/storylines featuring the Riddler are your favorite?

What riddle or riddles of his are your favorite?

I am including a short video my friend Bearded Comic Bro did spotlighting Riddler. If you enjoy this video, please like and subscribe to his YouTube Channel. Thanks!