Werewolf 167: What We Do in the Shadows – Day 5

When you smile and it tears your face
It’s time for the inhuman race
You’re down, you’re down, you’re down
You’re down and outta this world

Colin Robinson cleared his throat.

“If you guys are being shy, I can describe what it’s like to be an energy vampire,” he said. “I don’t have the same weaknesses as regular vampires, like garlic or sunlight. But I also have responsibilities that other vampires don’t have to worry about, like employment. In fact, I was just explaining to someone at work about Qualified Business Income. In general, I said, the term qualified business income means, for any taxable year, the net amount of qualified items of income, gain, deduction, and loss with respect to any qualified trade or business of the taxpayer. Such term shall not include any qualified REIT dividends, qualified cooperative dividends, or qualified publicly traded partnership income. If the net amount of qualified income, gain, deduction, and loss with respect to qualified trades or businesses of the taxpayer for any taxable year is less than zero, such amount shall be treated as a loss from a qualified trade or business in the succeeding taxable year. Now, the term qualified items of income, gain, deduction, and loss means items of income, gain, deduction, and loss to the extent such items are effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business within the United States (within the meaning of section 864(c), determined by substituting qualified trade or business (within the meaning of section 199A) for nonresident alien individual or a foreign corporation or for a foreign corporation each place it appears). Now, I know what you’re thinking, what is a qualified REIT dividend? Well –“

Mr. Glitch and Forever1267 couldn’t take it anymore. They both ran out of the living room in opposite directions, clutching their hands against their ears and screaming. They didn’t get very far.

Mr. Glitch and Forever1267 were VANILLA TOWNSFOLK.

“Weird,” said Colin Robinson. “Anyway, the really interesting thing about section 864(c) is…”


Town-Aligned – Town wins when all threats are eliminated

  • 1 Coffin Maker (Jailer) – Each night phase, the coffin maker nails one player into a coffin. They are protected from any night actions, and cannot perform any night action while they are sealed in the coffin. They can’t target themselves, and can’t target the same player twice in a row.
  • 1 Wolf Hunter (Investigator) – Each night phase, the investigator chooses one other player to investigate. They will get a result of either Wolf or Not Wolf. Guillermo (SK) will thus read as Not Wolf.
  • 11 2 Townsfolk – No additional powers. You’re just trying to get the Familiar job and maybe work your way up to eternal life just like anybody else.


  • 3 1 Werewolves – The Wolves share a private chat, which they use to talk amongst themselves and scheme against Town, day or night. Each night, wolves will choose one player to kill. As long as there is one unimpeded wolf, they may carry out this night action. Wolves win when the SK is dead and their numbers are equal to Town (or when nothing can be done to prevent this).
  • 1 Guillermo de la Cruz (Serial Killer) – If Guillermo is the last familiar standing, surely they’ll have to make him a vampire! Right?! Each night, Guillermo chooses one player to kill. He wins when all other players are eliminated.
The Game
  • If you have any questions at all, feel free to message Nate or Goat on discord.
  • The game consists of Day and Night phases. During the Day, there will be a post here at the Avocado in which you may speak freely amongst yourselves. Together, you will vote on a player to remove from the game (or “day kill” for short).
  • The Day phase will end either at the pre-designated Twilight time, or when more than 50% of remaining players have voted for the same person. Whichever event triggers twilight, all game-related conversation should stop immediately.
  • The Night phase begins immediately after the result of the Day’s vote is posted. During this time, those with night actions (wolves, SK, jailer, investigator) will submit these actions to me in a private chat.
  • Day Phases will be roughly 36 hours and Night Phases will be roughly 12 hours. I will tag you all to alert you when a new day has begun.
  • Special thanks to Goat for co-modding and providing the flavor text.
Important Rules
  • No Editing or Deleting Comments for Any Reason – This includes typos, double posts, posting something in the wrong thread, etc. Double check your comment before you hit Post.
  • Do not quote anything said in the private chats directly in the day threads. You may paraphrase, but copying and pasting a role description, for example, is not allowed.
  • As mentioned above, all game-related conversation must stop when twilight happens, whether or not a mod is around to call it.
  • Do not discuss the game outside the game threads.
  • There will be an official Vote Thread (usually the first comment of the day). Only votes in the Vote Thread will be counted.
  • If the vote is tied at Twilight, one of the tied players will be eliminated randomly.
  • Play the game! Inactivity may result in replacement. Try to make at least a few game related posts each game day.
  • Roleplay is encouraged, but isn’t required.
  • Attack arguments, not people. Be kind.
  • VT Message: “You are Vanilla Town. Your only power is your voice and your vote. Town wins when the Serial Killer and all Wolves are eliminated.”

Vote Spreadsheet

  • The spreadsheet will have the most up to date vote count, though I’ll also update the count in the vote thread as often as I can.
  • If you’re in the document, you’ll show up as a random anonymous animal to anyone else viewing the document (including me), even if you’re signed into a google account. So you can open it without worrying about anyone seeing your IRL info.


  1. DourifLeMoko
  2. Chum Joely – VANILLA TOWN
  3. Smokey – VANILLA TOWN
  4. Mr Glitch – VANILLA TOWN
  5. Forever1267 – VANILLA TOWN
  6. Kierkegaardless – WEREWOLF
  7. Lindsay – VANILLA TOWN
  9. Jake – VANILLA TOWN
  10. Emm – WEREWOLF
  11. Cop
  12. Indy – VANILLA TOWN
  13. Queequeg
  14. Narrowstrife – VANILLA TOWN
  15. Jude
  16. Flubba – COFFIN MAKER
  17. Mister Sparkle

Twilight will be at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific on Friday, November 12 (TONIGHT!)

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