Writers’ Guac – Theme Song

Welcome to the biweekly round of Writers’ Guac. Here was the prompt for submissions:

Write a theme song

This can be for anything you want. A fake TV show, a real TV show, a personal theme song, an Avocado theme song, the sky’s the limit.

Post your submissions below. A brief reminder of the rules:

  • Constructive criticism is opt-in. Specify in your post if you would welcome constructive criticism. Do not offer criticism if not requested.

Here is the prompt for the next round’s submissions (Open at 2 PM Eastern on July 16):

Write a company-wide email about a new policy/policies that became necessary due to a specific incident/incidents

Have fun, everyone! And also check out the previous installment (Pun-chline).

If you have other writing to share with The Avocado, or want to see others’ work, be sure to check out the Creative Endeavors thread, posted each Tuesday at 9 AM Eastern.