2002 Throwback Character Battle, Round 2

The throwback character battle started here continues with the second half of the first round. As before, we’re taking the character battle brackets from the first GameFAQs character battle exactly as they were.

Notes from last round:

  • The character with the most votes was evergreen character Mario.
  • The character with the least votes to still win was Aya Brea. Since The 3rd Birthday wasn’t all that well received, this is a character and a franchise that has largely been forgotten.
  • The character with the most votes to still lose was PaRappa the Rapper. Another victim of an IP that hasn’t been relevant in a long time, but one they really should bring back.
  • The character with the least votes overall was Akira Yuki, the face of Virtua Fighter, and one of the few characters here that I had to look up.

Rounds where we differed from GameFAQs:

  • We tied Spyro and Morrigan, and I broke the tie in favor of Spyro, but Morrigan was the winner in the original tournament.
  • Similarly, we tied Tails and Alucard, and I broke the tie in favor of Tails.
  • We chose Guybrush over Ryo Hazuki. Can you believe Shenmue 3 actually came out?
  • We chose Q*Bert over Dante by a wide margin, a choice that honestly surprised me given that the most recent Devil May Cry was a critical success and Q*Bert was never good.
  • We chose Gordon Freeman over Tina Armstrong, and in this case I find the original GameFAQs result hard to believe, even if they were between Half-Life games at the time.

You have until tomorrow to pick your choices.