crop guitarist in checkered shorts with classical guitar

The Avocado Jams! Takes Five (or Ten, or Maybe Fifteen…)

Hello fellow Musiciancadoes! You may have noticed that I skipped a couple of weeks, due to the Memorial Day holiday (and attendant festivities) and some technical issues last week.

And now that I’m back…well, I hate to say it but I think I’ll be taking a hiatus from these weekly threads for a little while. I have to admit that they take more time and energy than I expected, and it’s been harder and harder for me to come up with ideas every week, so I’m going to step away for a bit before I get completely burned out.

I really appreciate everyone who has participated over the past several months, especially those of you who contributed to the listening party last month. That was my favorite of these threads, and I still plan on doing something similar in the future. I’m also going to think about some other ways that I might bring back a musicians’ thread, maybe on a monthly basis, or something a little more thought out like a “Music Theory Corner.”

So thanks again, and don’t worry, I’ll still be seeing you all around… I’ll be haunting the other threads whenever I have a chance!

Photo by Dayvison de Oliveira Silva from Pexels