30 Day SF & Fantasy Challenge Day 26: The Works Of Piers Anthony

Being a voracious reader as a kid can be a good thing for parents to see but it can get problematic when the parents themselves are big readers and have a lot of books. And for a kid seeing shelves upon shelves of books that he’s not allowed to read… well, that’s a temptation.

While knowing that a lot of Piers Anthony works have not aged well, nor his style in some ways, to modern times, I have a strong affection for a great many of his works for their playfulness and the nostalgia of discovery that I had with so many of them. After all, I’ve used the name “Blue Adept” for decades online because of it. And I still remember the story my mother tells of the talks she and my father had about when it was okay to read them since there was a good deal of sexuality in them, which lead to earlier than usual discussions with me about it for which I was always thankful of their being up front about it.

So today, I’m pulling a “writer” card as we’re down to my last few days of challenges and wanted to write a little about Piers Anthony and give space for fans. While I cut my teeth on the Adept series, I read dozens of the Xanth novels, thoroughly loved the Incarnations of Immortality, and read a whole host of others as he jumped from genre to genre and seemed confident in writing almost anything.

Bonus Question: Which of these works, with a little tweaking, do you think still has crossover appeal to film or TV?