The Avocado JAMS! just kind of phones it in

Well, I hate to say it but I don’t really have any big ideas for this week, so I’m just going to share a couple of things from my inbox.

Sweetwater had a cool story about recreating the Phil Collins drum sound. I don’t have any of the exact plugins that this guy has, but I’m going to try to recreate it with the tools that I have. I’m not going to worry about dialing in the exact drum kit that Collins used, I’m just going to try to get into the ballpark with the gated effect. I guess I’ll let you all know how it goes next week!

Korg is reissuing the MS-20 and I think these look awesome:

The MS-20 played a vital role KORG’s history as a synthesizer brand. Even after sales of the original, released in the late 70’s, came to an end, KORG has carried on the MS-20 tradition in a mini-sized reissue, a software synthesizer plugin, and even a kit version… And now, we have resumed production of a completely assembled full-size MS-20, which had in 2014 been produced only in very small numbers as a kit. But in addition to faithfully recreating the sound, feel, and analog circuitry, this full-size reissue will consist of limited numbers of four different powder-coated color variations: khaki (KHAKI), white (WHITE), metallic blue (MBLUE), and black (BLACK)

I also think this looks really cool, the oddly named volca nubass which is a vacuum tube bass synthesizer:

So if someone from Korg would be kind enough to just send me one of each, I can assure them I will do a proper and thorough review!

I guess that’s it for this week…feel free to talk about this or anything else. (If anyone has subject ideas for future weeks, please let me know! I could use some ideas.) And don’t forget about the songwriting challenge…only two weeks left!

Title Photo by Pixabay from Pexels