Shoeless Trivia: Trees

Why trees? Why not?

  1. “But only God can make a tree” is the final line of a much-anthologized poem by what American poet?
  2. What founding member of the Flying Burrito Brothers died at age 26 and was sort-of-cremated in Joshua Tree National Park?
  3. What 17 point scrabble word described the plant tissue responsible for the transport of water from a trees roots to its stems and leaves?
  4. The still below is taken from the video for what 1995 alt-rock single?strivia202_1
  5. The tree data structure gets extensive treatment in volume 1 of The Art of Computer Programming, the still-in-progress magnum opus of what Stanford computer scientist?

  1. Joyce Kilmer
  2. Gram Parsons
  3. xylem
  4. “Fake Plastic Trees”
  5. Donald Knuth