30 Days Of Anime Challenge Day 21: Your Favorite Anime Animal

As we’ve found with some installments, some of these challenges are harder than others because of what they’re really asking. With this one, we’re going to dig into talking about our sometimes fuzzy friends, the anime animal character. Some of these shows use them in creative ways, such as Cardcaptor Sakura where they’re talkative and engage with the rest of the cast. Other times they may be the quiet silent partner that provides for some key moments. We’ve seen them become beloved in film, such as Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service. But there are all kinds of them that can make their way into our hearts.

And for me, that’s Chi from Chi’s Sweet Home / New Address. After four seasons of the series, which ended in 2009 with 101 episodes (and then a CG reboot in the last few years), we were treated regularly to lots and lots of adventures of this silly, goofy, cautious and energetic young kitten getting to know their world. Chi managed to make me smile and laugh repeatedly throughout it as we got to see what she does to occupy her time and she can legitimately be a goofy character without being irritating. It also helps that the episodes were just under three minutes in length, so you got the right dose of her antics. Yet even after that many episodes, it never got tiring and the manga is much the same way. Chi brings the right kind of goofy to the screen and puts it all behind one of the most adorable expressive faces out there when it comes to goofy characters and makes it work. While there’s an uncountable amount of goofy anime characters out there, Chi’s isn’t forced and comes from her natural curiosity and playfulness, making it delightful to watch.