The Wednesday Politics Thread Opposes Annexation

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Cause here in Israel we might be getting worse pretty soon.

Today is the date that was set for the beginning of Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank. Ever since the Trump administration published their ‘peace’ plan, Israel’s right wing leadership has seen it as American carte blanche to unilateraly annex territories, immediately.

Questions mount as Netanyahu’s self-imposed annexation date arrives

Now the day has come, and… at the moment, not much is happening. For a while, many of us have been hoping that Netanyahu would decide not to go through with it (especially since Israeli military and intelligence officials are pointing to it as a potential security risk, especially when it’s so rushed and vague). But we’re not in the clear yet.

Netanyahu hints at delay in West Bank annexation plan

Netanyahu has been pushing pretty strongly for this, and according to insiders, he sees this as potentially his greatest legacy, and may not give up on it. Meanwhile, though the Americans have had bigger problems to deal with, they now appear to be appeasing the annexation plan.

US seeking Israeli gesture toward Palestinians to offset annexation

So, what can we do about it?

  • Spread the word. Help raise awareness about the issue, and strengthen the voices calling out against it.
  • A congressional letter addressed to the Secretary of State calls for the U.S to condition aid to Israel, so that American aid does not support annexation in any way. The letter, spearheaded by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has already been signed by at least 12 Representatives and by at least one Senator (Bernie Sanders). Consider contacting your Representative or Senator, and calling on them to sign the letter.
  • Those of you who aren’t Americans can likewise pressure your leaders on this. For example, Europeans can support calls for the EU to suspend ties with Israel if it proceeds with annexation; Brits, your PM has said the UK will not recognize annexation (I’m as shocked as you are), amplify this message and demand your leaders hold to this.
  • Register to vote if you haven’t, and consider volunteering to support Democratic victories and protect voting rights. The possibility of a Democratic administration is already making Israel hesitate about annexation; let’s make that administration happen.
  • I, uh, couldn’t really think of donation options that could directly help stop this; but if you want to donate I can recommend Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, poor Palestinians will be the ones hurt most directly from annexation if and when it happens.

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