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The Wednesday Politics Thread Is Persisting

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well.

So, I think it would still be weird at this moment to try and spotlight another new cause. We’ve all still got pretty much one issue on our mind, for good reason. So I’ll just stick to that for now.


Resources page is still pinned to the front page; I’ve added some updates over the past week, more places to support and information to know. If you can, please consider donating or otherwise doing something we can do to help the protest movement.

George Floyd Protests – What We Can Do To Help


If you’re an American citizen and you’re not registered to vote – register to vote!


Welcome to Wednesday! Let’s make this day a good one. Please be respectful and considerate, let’s try to assume good faith and good intentions even in people we disagree with, and don’t forget to take a break once in a while. Don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel. If you have a problem, you can flag the comment, or feel free to contact the mods at avocadomods@gmail.com.