The June 9th Out of Context Beastars Thread

Beastars is a manga (recently adapted into an anime) by Paru Itagaki.

Screenshot_2020-05-24 paru itagaki - Google Search
Pictured: Paru Itagaki

Beastars is, for the most part, about a wolf named Legosi who falls in love with a rabbit named Haru, though the storyline gets more and more expansive as the series progresses. What makes Beastars unique is that it takes the idea of predators and prey having to co-exist as a society à la Zootopia and explores all the weird and disturbing implications in a way that the House of Mouse could never do. I really like it.

Some people don’t really like the character designs (mostly human-like bodies, with animal heads and accoutrements), finding them too uncanny valley. It’d be mean to make your average Guac scroll past that all night, so instead I’m posting a gallery of my favorite out of context quotes from the manga. Enjoy!

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