Comic Book Review – Teen Titans #62 (Oct 2008)

Teen Titans #62

Written by Sean McKeever
Art by Eddy Barrows

Last week, Krypto got the spotlight in the pages of Superman.

This issue of Teen Titans asks the question: Who Is Wonderdog ?

This issue is one of those Day in the Life stories which works perfectly for those trying to find a jumping on point for an ongoing comic book series.

The Teen Titans have barely survived their encounter with the Terror Titans. Wendy and Marvin are trying to decide if they should stay with the Titans or leave for greener pastures. Their discussion is cut short by the arrival of a dog on Titans Island. As they try to figure how he arrived,  Marvin tells Wendy he has to be some kind of Wonderdog.

Some characters are introduced in another media before making a splash in comic books. The best example is Harley Quinn. Sean McKeever dusts off Wendy, Marvin, and Wonderdog from the old Superfriends cartoon and introduces them to the DCU at large.

By the end of the issue, you’ll find out how important Wendy and Marvin are to the Titans, if they decide to stick around or not, and the identity of the owner of Wonderdog.

This issue may not be rare or hard to find like Batman Adventures #12, but it’s a close look at superheroes taking a break from their costumed lives. A group of teenagers attempting to enjoy a tiny bit of normalcy that you and I take for granted.