Avocado April Madness: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Character Prelims

Quoth Grumproro: Begging and bargaining DOES work! These 16 characters from the Youth bracket have survived to represent their shows in the tournament proper:


  1. Grunkle Stan — Gravity Falls
  2. Peridot — Steven Universe
  3. Grover — Sesame Street
  4. Webby Vanderquack — DuckTales
  5. Finn the Human — Adventure Time
  6. Entrapta — She-Ra & The Princesses of Power
  7. Star Butterfly — Star vs. The Forces of Evil
  8. Violet Baudelaire — A Series of Unfortunate Events
  9. Hilda — Hilda
  10. Eileen — Regular Show
  11. Ice Bear — We Bare Bears
  12. Anais Watterson — The Amazing World of Gumball
  13. Ahsoka Tano — Star Wars Rebels
  14. Cyrus Goodman — Andi Mack
  15. Wolf — Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
  16. Cosmo — The Fairly Oddparents


Congratulations to the winners! This was the most fiercely-fought competition yet, and two ties (Finn the Human vs. Ice King and Anais vs. Darwin vs. Gumball) were decided at random.

Today is the final prelim, and we’ll be deciding the champions for the sixteen shows in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy division, which are, as a reminder:


  1. Stranger Things
  2. The Mandalorian
  3. Game of Thrones
  4. Twin Peaks
  5. Watchmen
  6. Rick and Morty
  7. Agent Carter
  8. Galavant
  9. Agents of SHIELD
  10. Westworld
  11. What We Do in the Shadows
  12. Russian Doll
  13. Legion
  14. Jessica Jones
  15. Orphan Black
  16. American Gods

Remember, only ONE CHARACTER from each of these shows will move on to participate in the bracket tournament. I’ll start you guys out with a list of main characters from each show (and major supporting characters, where it seems appropriate). If there’s a character you’re desperate to see missing from the list, you can nominate them, but remember: This is to try to eliminate late-nomination bias, and to give you guys time to get down to the real business of this tournament, which is: CAMPAIGNING.

You went to all the trouble to get your favorite shows picked: Now don’t leave your favorite character’s fate up to chance! You have 24 hours to make your pitch, make your deals, and make the Avocado do your will.

Because only one character from each show will progress, you should only vote once in each show.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy character prelims will be open for 24 hours.