Werewolf 100: The One Hundreding – Day 4 (TEAM 1)

Disqus is getting stronger, and better at destroying games. Not that you know why they’re destroying the games you head to, but you know that they’re doing it. The players here, though you don’t know them, are your allies. They’re Werewolf players just like you, and, if you tell them what’s going on, you’re sure they’ll be on your side. Probably.

With this in mind, you decide to catch up with the players. You’re pretty sure that since you saw Bill Cipher, he isn’t possessing anyone at the moment. That means they’re late in the game, late enough for someone to pull some wild gambit. And what’s more wild than “every last one of you are going to die, come with us through this magical portal”?

You’re all having that thought at precisely the same time when two teens jump in front of you from behind trees. One of them is an older boy wearing a black hoodie with a stitched heart on it, the other is a younger girl wearing a fluffy llama sweater. Both look unhappy with themselves. They both point steampunky guns at you.

“You’re new around you, aren’t you? We don’t like newcomers,” giggles the Llama as you back away. “They might see something they don’t understand yet.”

Commander Cody *crackle*s, “Like those five gnomes in a teen costume?” 

“Exactly like those!” The Stitched Heart and the Llama signal towards the woods, and a unicorn, a weird old dude, and a dapper child emerge from a shrub. They all hold similar steampunky guns. One of you remembers what those are– memory guns. If you get shot with those, you’ll forget whatever they tell you to. That’s not good for your whole “rescue the people of this universe” gambit.

“Uh,” says Denny Dunwoody, “I’m just a puppet, I don’t know nothin’.”

“AAA CREEPY PUPPET” cries the Llama, raising her gun.

Raising her hands in surrender, Maddie Merlot says, “Okay, wait, don’t shoot anyone!! I need to meet my blind date before I die!! His name is E-” 

“We’re here for a reason, please just listen to us!” interrupts Dororo, hopping in front of Maddie. “You guys are a part of a Werewolf game too, right? Number 97, Werewolf Falls?”

The unicorn and the old man glance at each other. The child replies, “…Yes? What? We’re numbered?”

“Werewolf,” Dororo insists. “It’s a party game where an informed minority attempt to wipe out the uninformed majority. You’re playing that?”

“We usually call it Mafia, actually.” 

“But it’s the same general concept! Our point is, so are we. There are 99 other games going on right now, and you’re a part of the Cinematic Universe in which they all exist.” You all learned this when you died, and remember the informative video presentation and accompanying quiz fondly. “But it’s in trouble. We’re being chased by an organization called Disqus that runs each game behind the scenes. They’re trying to kill us, and we don’t know why. We think maybe you’re in trouble too, since they don’t mind destroying other games in their wake.”

The Stitched Heart sighs, “So I’m going to die and it’s not even in a cool way? Not rad.” 

Withrop Q. Sketchball takes notes on how the teens are speaking so he can apply the lingo to his advertising campaign. Wadsworth the butler steps next to Dororo and continues, “The least rad. We think we can help you, though! We have another, similarly cool teen carrying us through time, getting us to safer ground. You can come with us if you’d like.”

The strange crew, consisting of only a single person over the age of 20, looks at each other in astonishment. You all expected questions, and some of you were prepared to answer them, but they don’t ask anything else. They just nod. “We think we’re okay with thiiiiiis!!!” the unicorn sings, a tad too loud.

You’re all preparing to summon Owen (by screaming, he really hasn’t given you an official way to call him yet) when a shot rings out from the woods. April Bravado screams and holds Denny to his chest, revealing a bullet hole straight through the puppet’s head. Another shot rings out, and April slumps to the ground.

“Oh my God, I’ve been hit. Denny– Denny?”

There’s a pause as either the ventriloquist or the puppet musters up the strength to respond. “Yes?”

“I need to tell you something, before I go.”


“You– You were my best friend, Denny.”

The puppet smiles as much as a puppet can, and his horrifying puppet eyes close forever.

April (April Bravado and Denny Dunwoody) has died. They were a normal citizen of the Werewolf Cinematic Universe (Vanilla Town)

Amidst this… heartwarming? display, panic starts to set in. While the puppet-man duo had their last moments together, everyone else was yelling.

“AAAAAA DISQUS IS HERE!!!” screams the Constellation Children. Everyone else says something similar in both content and volume. As you scream, the world starts to flicker white again. That does not make the situation better. In fact, you’d venture to say it makes things worse. 

Owen’s right on his game this time. The portal opens in the earth in front of you, swirling and rainbow as usual. Momma Eva grabs each of the three younger Werewolf Falls players, and the unicorn and the old man jump in on their own. You all dive in, desperate to escape before the world starts fracturing, so you can save it from that fate. 

A few of you jumped in backwards so you could watch the game disappear from your view. It does, for a while. Oregon gets smaller and smaller as you fall further into the technicolor void. You feel safe. 

Suddenly, the new players you brought with you are torn away and pulled back towards their world. Eva tries to grab onto the arm of the Stitched Heart, but the force pulling him away is too strong. As they are forced back into their game, their sky goes white, and their world starts to crumble. Two of them try to jump back through, but it’s useless. The portal closes as the trees above it start to collapse.


You pop out of the other side onto a red carpet. Still reeling from the loss of your friends, you sit up slowly, not quite registering where you are yet.

With that, the Herbalist flies out, the last of your group. One of you tries to help him up, but his body is cold and unmoving. You roll him over to reveal that he’s lost his hands as well as his life.

Flubba (The Herbalist) has died. He was a normal citizen of the Werewolf Cinematic Universe (Vanilla Town)

Whoops! Anyway, there are several finely-dressed folks backing away from the somewhat traumatized mob of people that just appeared from nowhere. This is absolutely ruining their big moment. The elites of Hollywolf will absolutely hear about this.

Welcome to Werewolf 54: The Oscars!

Today’s special power is Star Power! With Star Power, two of you start the game with +1 vote (so it’s easier to day kill you) and two of you start the game with -1 vote (so it’s harder to day kill you). This is revealed to the players, but secret to everyone else. These players can either be town or wolf.

The Blogger, who can either be town or wolf, can investigate 3 people to determine their star power. If you are not one of the four people with star power, you start the game with 0 votes, like you normally would.

[spoiler title=”Team 1 Players”]

  1. April – April Bravado and Denny Dunwoody Vanilla Town
  2. Video – Withrop Q. Sketchball
  3. Goat – Darlington Bexley Goatsborough
  4. May – Constellation Children
  5. Mirage – Alyssa Milano’s character from Charmed
  6. Sic – Piggy  Vanilla Town
  7. Hoho – Astral HOWEIRD Possum Investigator
  8. DW – Momma Eva NOW Library Lass
  9. Wasp – The Internet Vanilla Wolf
  10. Gramps – Blandrew Blanderson Vanilla Town
  11. Grumproro – Dororo
  12. Anna – Reposted Indeed Comments  Vanilla Town
  13. Snugs – Wadsworth the Butler
  14. Indy – Commander Cody and the 212th Battalion
  15. Hayjay – Gimli
  16. Hegel Exercises –
  17. Zecko – Billy Zecko, one of the Power Rangers Vanilla Town
  18. Flubba – The Herbalist!!! Vanilla Town
  19. Mustard – Damon, follower of Dionysus
  20. Miss Rim – Maddie Merlot

Video gets a gold star and an ice cream cone for compiling these for me <33


[spoiler title=”Rules”]

  • Town wins when all the wolves and the serial killer are defeated.
  • The wolves win when they are equal to the number of town-aligned players left.
  • Serial killer wins when it comes down to just them and one other person.
  • A tie at the end of day results in No Kill. A majority of living players voting for any one person (or No Kill) ends the day early.
  • No editing posts.
  • No quoting or screencapping from your QTs.
  • Each roled player can only use their role on a member of their own team. 
  • Each day has special roles that can be given to either town or scum. These roles will reflect the day and can influence the results of the game. Once the day is over, the secret roles will be done.
  • Ol’ Pigeonpockets Pete will begin sending messages from the graveyard on Day 2. These messages are largely pointless, we just thought they would be fun.
  • If you have any other questions about rules, please ask in QT, and we will answer publicly here.


[spoiler title=”Roles”]

  • 1 Town Investigator – gives a result of “Wolf” or “Not Wolf”
  • 1 Town Jailer – protects person from nightkill and using their role
  • 2 Lovers – share a QT, if one dies so will the other 
  • 1 Wolf Roleblocker – blocks person from using their role
  • 3 Vanilla Wolves
  • 1 Serial Killer
  • 11 Vanilla Town

Each role is flavored in a fun way related to a past game. The name of this role doesn’t have much to do with anything.


Twilight is at 12 PM EST on Wednesday, September 11th.