Scott OT #197: The Night Thread of Partners (9/9)

In 2009, the bad movie gods delivered onto us an amazing disaster by the name of Partners. It has a needlessly complex plot (the bad guy intentionally gets shot because he bought his own ambulance, I guess?), has abysmal sound mixing, and violates the 180-degree so thoroughly, you’d guess that Doug Walker was the cinematographer. It’d be perfect for twoseven (if it worked at all).

Image result for partners 2009

What transforms Partners from just a hilariously poor movie to a bad movie classic is the knowledge of who the director is. If you watched the movie, you’d assume that director Peter James Iengo was some frat boy that watched too many Michael Mann movies and thought he could direct. However, Iengo isn’t some random Mann fanboy; he’s a film teacher! And he shows Partners in class to his students! The person responsible for this:

…is teaching impressionable youth how to make moves. Jesus Christ.

Hope you all have fun posting here tonight and have a great night.